Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again

A Story by Lucia

I recently wrote this for a contest. The theme was "Love in the Ice" Song: Love in the Ice; Artist: Dong Bang Shin Ki (Korean or Japanese Version) My interpretation =]



Plot:  Na Bi is distressed and trying to deal with the horrific images that keep bringing her back to the night she lost her boyfriend, Yunho.  Yunho was a caring, optimistic guy with a past that ended up crushing him.  As JaeJoong, Yunho's best friend from his old school, comes to clarify what actually happened that night, Na Bi struggles between not wanting to hear his explanation, and still wanting to have some connection to Yunho.
Yunho had once melted her hardened heart but now with him passing away, her love has quickly become like ice again.  Will she always continue to be like this?
      ....A cold body or a cold heart...which is worse?

Main Characters:

Yunho (18)
He was an optimistic, happy go lucky kid.  He brought joy into Na Bi's life and taught her how to have fun.  Yet his past has painfully closed in on him, and he is now deceased.

Na Bi (18)
Before she met Yunho, she was an independent, serious, and a school oriented person.  Before Yunho passed away, they were together for a year and a half.  She is trying to deal with this painful lost, and partially blames JaeJoong for Yunho's death.

A boy that is said to have looks so perfect, that you imagine he was drawn by a famous artist.  He and Yunho were best friends and did everything together until Yunho transferred schools and began to date Na Bi .  This caused an unapproachable gape in their relationship.  He is left to live out Yunho's last dying wish.


Until We Meet Again

"Alright now!!! Listen here, just because this is the last class of the day, doesn't mean you have permission to behave like this,"  the teacher snapped her fingers together and finally had the rowdy classes attention, "Good, now we are going to begin the educational biography~"

"Awwww!!!" the classmates moaned and groaned in unacceptence.
The lights were turned off and the movie began.  Most of the classmates were sleeping by now, except one that seemed to be paying her undivided attention to the screen.  Yet, even she was really not watching the movie.

Her glossy brown, pin straight hair rested gently on her shoulders as wisps of her bangs hung over her charcoal eyes.  Her eyes wouldn't blink, or rather, blinking wasn't an option for her, so it seemed.  A petite girl with a grim, unchangeable expression.  They, among many other perfect and imperfect features, belonged to a young girl of eighteen, Na Bi.  She was staring at the screen but as she did, her concentration turned elsewhere.  Colors blurred as well as sounds until she found herself watching a new scene. 

She recalled, watching from a distance herself and a boy walking arm and arm down a back ally.  It was a deserted place that was as quiet as it was dark, yet neither seemed scared.  They were holding hands, laughing, and enjoying each others company.  It was a happy memory, her last happy memory.

As the two walked on other figures appeared out of nowhere.  As the figures grew closer and encircled them the tension grew thicher than the darkness.

Na Bi watched as she saw herself clutching the boys' arm next to her in fright, "Yunho, who are they?"  she saw herself whisper into the boys' ear.
Yunho took her hand and began walking faster but one of the boys tripped him.  They tumbled down to the damp ground and began to fight.  The other joined in, but it didn't get out of hand until one of the boys grabbed Na Bi.
"Don't touch her JM!"  Yunho shouted, still holding onto someone's collar.  He was a bloody mess, as were the others.
"And what you do?"  The boy was clearly drunk as he swayed from side to side, holding onto Na Bi to balance himself.  Then suddenly, and quickly, he leaned down and began kissing her.  Na Bi fought back as hard as she could, but she wasn't nearly as strong as him, even though he was drunk.
"Don't you dare touch her!!"  Yunho's screams her shrill and hoarse, and he wanted nothing more than to punch this guy in the face, but the other boys were holding him back.  Some where drunk, but most them laughing and whistling. 

Finally he broke free and ran to Na Bi.  It took to much out of him watching the girl he loved being kissed by the person he hated most.  "You selfish cowardly b*****d!!!"  The punches came easy, almost like he had been fighting all his life, but the other boy, JM, had a surprise that not even Yunho would have expected from him.

"AAHH!"  Yunho winced in agony as he felt something sharp enter his side.  Before he had time to recover, the shiny object had been pulled out and inserted again, only this time with more force.  The pain was unbearable so much that he couldn't even cry.  He began to feel dizzy and could hear Na Bi's cry's, they sounded further away than they were, as he fell in and out of conicousness.  The last things he heard and saw were the blade of the knife, with his blood on it, glistening in what little light their was.   And JM yelling "Why!! You had everything!!! You Left!!! Now I'll make you pay!!!"

By now Na Bi was already far away.  The continuously flowing tears blurred her vision causing her to bump into things she would normally have seen.  *Yunho!  Hold on for me!  I'm getting help....gosh!  There was just so much blood!*

The images flashed in and out of her mind and she recollected the terrors one by one.  The pool of blood that Yunho lay in, the sharp, bloodstained knife, how painfully dark it was....in and out...she had never run so fast before....

"Na Bi!  Na Bi!!"  Her teacher tried calling Na Bi back into the classroom.  Her glazed over look acompanyied by uncontrollable shakes and the unacasional scream really worried everyone else in the room.

Na Bi gulped, eyes filled with terror, almost like she had just witnessed...a murder...of the person she loves the most.  Loved.

"Na Bi, I think it's best you go to the nurses office,"  the teacher was nearly shaking herself.  This was Na Bi's third episode this week, and she didn't seem to be getting any better.


Na Bi felt herself being flung back into the present.  Without a word, or even acknowledging her teacher, Na Bi wiped away the few tears that had escaped her eyes, collect her belongings, and headed for the door.

As she practically flew down the hall, Na Bi felt the eyes of her schoolmates staring and heard whispers, more of gossip and pity, less of concern and sincerity.

"Wow, It's already been a week"  "She's only getting worse"  "Did you see Na Bi during history class today?"  "Never talks anymore"  "Can you blame her, she watched her boyfriend being stabbed right before her very eyes!"

AHH!! The voices!   When would these kids stop?  It was hard enough dealing with the recent death of her boyfriend Yunho, but also having to hear their countless input on it really ticked Na Bi off.  But now she didn't have time to think about the people around her, she was too shaken up.  It felt so real that time....almost like she was reliving that night, something she never wanted to witness again.

*No, NO!! Stop thinking about that night....soo much blood...Stop STOP!*  She yelled insider her head, as she quickened her pace.  *Why can't I just think of HIM?  Why can't I picture him?  That warm smile, that once melted my frozen heart.  His beautiful jawbone, soft lips, and definite eyes.*  She could imagine each part of him separately now, but not together.  It's almost like the puzzle that made Yunho, was missing so many pieces, the night he disappeared, passing away.  She couldn't bare to think of him, and only felt more and more anxious as she walked faster and faster.  She glanced up at the cloudy, gloomy sky.  It looked like it was going to rain.  But that wasn't anything new.  Since that horrible night, the world seemed to my crying for her.  It was constantly raining, and even when it wasn't, their wasn't any sun.  Usually, people would be complaining and wishing for better whether, but the rain didn't even phase her.  Nothing did anymore.

Yunho, the person that completed her.  He had brought her joy in the most unexpected times.  Na Bi was a very school oriented person, that is, until Yunho came into her life.  He was bursting with optimism and excitement, ready to go out and conquer the world at any given moment.  A personality so different from Na Bi's old shy, keeping to herself, aura.  And since the moment they met they hadn't separated.  In return, Yunho had learned how to be a little bit more serious and he even cracked a few books!  They had fed off each others strengths and helped to make their weaknesses less noticeable.  So full of spirit, life, and young love, that the nineteen months spent together felt  only like minuets....

The brisk wind whipped around Na Bi and blew her hair in all directions.  She didn't even try to fix it, remembering the times when Yunho would run his long, firm figure through her hair, stealing a kiss when no one was watching.  Na Bi couldn't even smile when thinking of the happy memories, not anymore.  It all seemed useless, none of it would change the fact that he was no longer here with her.  She brought her figures against her cheeks and felt the coldness seep into her skin.  Cold as Ice.  Even colder.  That's all she was now.  Yunho's body is cold, while her heart is.  Which is worse?

Na Bi was no longer watching where she was going, and didn't even notice when she walked into someone.

"Hey wait! .....I said wait!"  some grabbed her arm from behind.
"AHHH!"  A shrill cry escaped Na Bi's lips before she could see who it was.
The guy looked nervous, "shhh!  I'm not going to hurt you.....Please, I need to talk to you!"

Na Bi slowly breathed in and out. *Don't be so jumpy!*  she yelled at herself.  She nodded and followed the boy to a nearby bench.

She took a good look at him, and to put things simply, he is flawless.  Almost like a drawing, one that took hours and hours to make.  Na Bi made no sound, and waited patiently for him to talk.

"This is really hard for me too, you know.  I loved him too"
Na Bi nearly choked on her own saliva.
"N-not like that!  Like a best friend....a brother!"
Na Bi's patience was gone.  She didn't want to hear what he had to say, "How dare you?!"  She turned around.  *Ugh!! That JaeJoong boy irritates me the most!  He calls himself Yunho's best firend!  HA!  Some friend!"
"No don't leave! I understand why you might not want to talk to me~"
"MIGHT!!"  Na Bi stopped in her tracks, fully ready to verbally tear him down, "MIGHT?  Why don't you try CAN'T or WON'T!"  She was screaming now and spektators were gathering.
JaeJoong looked around nervously at the people who were intensly watching now.  "You think your the only one that misses him?"
"Don't give me that!  You were never a good friend.  The best thing Yunho did was leave your school and come to mine!"  she was pointing at the logo of his uniform in disgust.
JaeJoong shrunk back, growing silent.  He began to walk away and thought that coming here was a bad idea after all.

The crowd started to disperse as a few rain drops began to fall.

*It's getting colder* Na Bi thought as she followed JaeJoong, still wondering why he was here. *In definition, isn't that my love?  When Yunho was here I was always warm and when I wasn't he would warm me up.  But now...now I am only cold.  Always cold, foolishly waiting for his warmth.*

"I was there", JaeJoong solemnly confessed, "I was there, that night...the night Yunho~"
"I know, I had just thought that you would have forgotten by now.  I mean, you were really drunk...."  Na Bi babbled on, waiting for JaeJoong to interrupt her.  But he didn't.  "Why?  Why were you there?"
"I didn't have a choice!  I've always been easily pushed around, and without Yunho at school anymore...I don't know.  My world just fell apart.  I had to become part of their group...or else.... I never throught they'd hurt him~"
Na Bi put up her hand, silently gesteuring him to be quiet.  She couldn't take this anymore, there was only one question left. "Why didn't you stop him?"
The rain grew  harder, yet neither budged.  After a long pause JaeJoong sighed answering, "He had everything...."
"Jealousy is the cousin of greed, and violence is their ancestor" her tone was quiet, but forcefull.
JaeJoong looked up in question, "What?"
"Get away from me,"  her voice barly audible now.  She felt the tears longing to fall, but feared that the second they would, she'd become subject to them, and completely freeze.
He sighed, reluctantly replying, "I can't".
Na Bi's delicate hands turned into fists.  If only she was a boy, she hit him, "Fine, then I'll leave first".
"No!  I have to say what I came her to say!"  he looked desperate, and his bloodshopt eyes only brought more proof that he haddn't slept in days.
Na Bi exhaled, unwilling to hear any more from this traitor, "Say it quickly, before I change my mind".
"That nigh, when you ran to get help, Yunho hung on for a little longer.  He has a messege for you..."
Na Bi's eyes doubbled in size.  She couldn't breath or swallow, and even the rain didn't seem to penitrate her now.
"...he said....to remind you everyday until your with him again, that he loves you, and...."
"....and?!" she felt like she was on the side of a cliff waiting to see is he would push her off or bring her to safety.
"...to take care of you".
She turned around, holding tears back with utmost diligenge, and shook her head back and forth, "No....no.."

Before JaeJoong knew it, he was shouting uncontrollably, "Look, he's NOT coming back!  Just let me take care you, OK?"  he instantly covered his mouth with both hands.  This was harder than expected.  Since Yunho had introduced him to Na Bi, he instantly adored her.  But he was a good, loyal friend and didn't want to cause any trouble for Yunho.  That's why he had never said anything before, but now....now Yunho trusted him more than ever.  He had left Na Bi's well being in his hands.  But would he be able to not let his feelings get in the way, and carry out Yunho's dying wish?  "....I just want to do Yunho's last request.  I wasn't a good friend when he was alive, so maybe I'll be able to make up for that" he kicked the ground which was quickly turning to mud around them.

*I've been blind.  How could I not see how much JaeJoong is hurting?  Just as much as I am I bet, maybe even more..*  Tears still so close brought comforting words, "Don't say that.  Yunho always considered you his best friend.  You meant so much to him that I used to get a little jealous,"  Na Bi looked away, pointing her head to the dark sky and letting the rain freely fall upon her.

JaeJoong watched her, longing to comfort and embrace her, but their situation was not that easy...or was it?  "Thanks....I~"  he shuddered still watching Na Bi.  Her eyes were tightly closed, and behind them a tear was forming.  He saw this and confusingly asked, "Why don't you just cry?"

Na Bi didn't answer, pretending not to hear him.  Yet he only became more persistent, "I heard that since that night you haven't really cried.  You know, your allowed too."

Something came over JaeJoong and as a raindrop hit his right eye, he broke down.  Tears flowed freely and he looked like a man at peace with the fact that he was standing in the rain, crying.

Na Bi opened her eyes, and couldn't bare to watch him any longer.  She too became overwhelmed with soft sobs and whimers, unaudible above the rain.

JaeJoong oddly felt a rush of adrenaline and swung his arms around Na Bi.  She returned the favor.  No longer were they worried about if people where staring, nor if they were laughing or gossiping.  Then and their in that moment, a bond formed.  As their tears mixed together even the strongest winds wouldn't have been able to blow these two over.  They stood firm as rocks with hearts of ice.

"Just let It out,"  JaeJoong whispered between sobs, holding tightly onto Na Bi. 
"I can't stop....make it stop!"  She was louder than him for the silence only brought more tears.
JaeJoong smiled, "Don't..."  he was speaking out of context now, "...don't ever stop".

They stayed like that for a long time until the storm had nearly passed.  The sun peaked out over the not-so-grim clouds and began to once more, warm the world again.  By now, both were exhausted and out of breath.  Yet the sun seemed to be providing the exact prescription they needed.

JaeJoong finally let go of Na Bi and, stretching out his arms to the vast sky, began to shout.  "She's going to be ok!  I'll take care of her Yunho!  I promise.  You hear that?  I'll do everything it takes!!!"

Then he turned his attention back towards Na Bi saying, "You see that?"  He was now taking her frozen hand and pointed it towards the sun.
"It's the sun....what about it?"  Her puffy red eyes that resembled a panda's looked him up and down, curiously.
"No!!! It's not the sun...it's Yunho.  He's brought the sun with him....Look how happy he is, smiling down on you" he took both hands, grasped them, and deeply looked into her eyes, "He's smiling because your going to be alright.  We both are".

For the first time that week, Na Bi smiled.  Not a fake one to get people to stop asking how she was, but a real, sincere smile.  "He is the sun, he always was and he still is", of course she was speaking figuratively, "Just like he did a year and a half ago, he is again bringing his warmth, stronger than anything else, to me.  He again, is softening my heart of stone, and melting my love that was once colder than ice."

*Thank you Yunho, thank you*  As they walked off into the distance, together, uncertainties settled in their stomachs and brought the butterflies of nerves into action.  Neither knew what lie ahead, nor what would become of their future.  But one thing is for sure.  This would be a new beginning, and an important one at that.

Yunho is in another place now.  A place they can't easily reach him.  And though the sun is out, it will never truly melt Na Bi's love in the ice.  For now, her love will never truly thaw.  It is still frozen, waiting for the day they meet again.


© 2010 Lucia

Author's Note

Believe it for not, this was written in one sitting =] (Not making excuses for how horrible it is)
By the way, all the names of my characters are Korean because this story takes place in Korea.

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this is really amazing and well writen. i love this story! i love the wording that you have used here and the theme runs so deep and you presented it very well through your characters, keep up the good work.

Posted 11 Years Ago

it's amazing how you wrote a story as good as this in one sitting~ ^^ and yay i love this story! did you ever figure out the voting thing yet? um anyway, i love the wording you used in here. the theme runs so deep, and you present it very well through your characters. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Candyland, OH

Hello, Lucia here! I'm a girl, sixteen years old, and an (almost Junior) in high school. I am also the youngest in my family... ... Many things I enjoy are writing (obviously), reading, listening .. more..


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