s a d n e s s: a thought

s a d n e s s: a thought

A Story by yuhee

Sadness will last forever.-Vincent van Gogh


Sadness will last forever.

I believe it was van Gogh who told this. I pondered about this and just recently accepted the fact that indeed it is right. Happiness, whether it is big or small are just the same, they are transient. For us, who always seek for more, can never be contented. Greed and envy run to our veins like blood. But I think, sadness is greater to those who feel too much and who gives too much. Those people who only wanted to be acknowledge, to be loved more than anything else. Those people who perceive happiness differently, also live differently. Since they perceive things differently, the sadness they experience is also different. A type of sadness that is too complex for a normal human to understand. hence, they are mocked and ridiculed. They are bound to be misunderstood and worse, outcast by others who never tried looking at them in the eyes. If you talk about it, no one will listen. If you write about it, no one will read. No matter how strongly to wanted them to pay attention, unless they are on the same shoes as you, they will never care. It was only on your mind. They will repeatedly say. So what's the point of telling? When on the first place, you are never meant to be understood. Your sadness is never meant to be shared. Sadness will last forever and as long as you are alive, it will eat you raw and whole. A sadness that often regarded as exaggeration. Isn't it a great relief to be accepted and understood? However, they will never, or perhaps they will never try to.

© 2020 yuhee

Author's Note

Just a thought. How about you? What are your thoughts about sadness?

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Added on November 2, 2020
Last Updated on November 2, 2020
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