I Am Heroin

I Am Heroin

A Poem by Madame Murrell

Inject me inside of your veins and I promise you the best high

You'd have the greatest feeling in the world that you won't care that I'm the type of poison that'll make you die

In school they lectured you on the importance of avoiding me on the streets but look around you my friend, there's a person doing it everywhere you see

So come on and join the crowd, don't be a creep, don't you want to be cool? Yea? Then come on, what are you waiting for? Take a dose of me.

Who cares that I could kill you? At lease you'll have fun, so sit back and finish injecting me because the party had just begun!

I'll make you sleep with an older man who's dirty and unattractive because you'd be so addicted to me I'll make you psychoactive.

You'll love the feeling I bring to your system so much that when I leave you, you'll become severely depressed. You'll itch and ache for a hit that you won't be able to rest.

Injecting me would become your daily routine, I'll make you become insane and mean and turn you into a pathetic drug fiend.

You'll stop loving the ones you once loved most, be selfish to the ones around you, not caring about your life until you overdose.

I am heroin

© 2017 Madame Murrell

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Added on July 7, 2017
Last Updated on July 7, 2017
Tags: Drugs, Heroin, Addiction


Madame Murrell
Madame Murrell

Homestead, FL

Hello, my name is Kacie, I'm a 23 year old college (FIU) student with a major in Biology! and I love to write :) I am also a very big fan of The Weeknd, his voice has the power to MAKE ME SUPER WEAK!!.. more..