We Can No Longer Be

We Can No Longer Be

A Poem by Manda

Deep down
I'm dying

Outside I'm smiling
But on the inside...
Lay the pain

It's hard being strong 
When all I want to do is cry

Letting myself slip away
As if I never existed

It's over 
And we will never be

You not only hurt me
But cheated and lied

It''s because of you
I lay here lost

My body cold
And feeling queasy 

Tears falling
Drying out my face

My body covered 
With your mark

The scars left
Remind me of the past

I try to wash away 
Your existence

No matter how hard I scrub
Its just too deep a wound 

I want to end my suffering
And the pain you left me with

Its too much to bare
And too hard to live with

I can't go on 
Knowing I meant nothing to you

I know that you and I
Will no longer be

Not friends
Nor lovers

Forgive me
For I wish 

I wish we hadn't ended
At least the way it happened

But it did 
And I have no choice

I must say goodbye
For the very last time

For you and I 
Cant and never will be

© 2013 Manda

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Very good. Reminds me of my past, my first, but he was playing me all along. . .still hurts to this day. I can relate to you. At least some good writing comes out of pain!

Posted 8 Years Ago

Kudo's for letting out your feelings Manda...I hope it helped to vent your anger :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Hello! My names Manda. I am 24 years of age and have an Associate of Arts degree. I am a former National Honors Society member and am hoping to continue my education by starting my Bachelors degree in.. more..

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