Why We Say Goodbye

Why We Say Goodbye

A Poem by Manda

I never though that I could let go
Or to even find happinesss again

You and I had been together for so long
And the more I spent away from you
The happier I became

Believe me when I say that I will always love you
And that I'll always be a phone call away

But rignt now I need to let go
Saying goodbye is no easy task
And it's going to hurt

If goodbyes were meant to be easy
Then I wouldn't feel my heart falling into pieces

I know from the beginning
It was you who wanted to be together
And I once your source of happiness

Lets be honest though
Those feelings that once set afire
Have been burnt out

I want you to know that I tried to be happy
To tell myself we can get through this
But I can't lie to myself anymore

I don't want to pretend there is something there
Because right now we are on different paths
Wanting different things life has to offer us

Maybe one day we can look back at what we had
And laugh about it because we were so young and in love

I can't believe that everyone was right about us
They knew we wouldn't make it and yet we tried

Part of me was afraid to let go
Because I didn't want to see you suffer
Because seeing you unhappy was heartbreaking

I know you loved me
And will always love me
Which is why I know you'll let me go

But don't think that I'll forget you
Or stop loving you because I won't

You were always there for me when I needed you
And I won't ever forget that and for that
I am forever grateful

I can't help but cry a little
Because writing this makes me crumble inside
And just feel such sadness

It makes me have to think about everything
From the time my ex broke up with me
To you begging for me to just give you a chance

But that whole summer you tried
Tried harder than any guy had ever tried to get with me
And I had been so stubborn

I laugh now because how much you wanted to be with me
And I just wanted to mourn over my first true love

Even though you and my ex are best friends
It still hurts to see him because of what he did
And how he cheated on me with that stupid girl

I'm hoping by saying goodbye
That maybe, just maybe I can let go of some of that pain
Along with hatred toward my ex

It can't be easy being with someone
Who still has feelings for someone else

And while I am trying to let go of the pain
I know I can't unless I let us go too
Because it's a reminder of how much I loved him
And the reason I met you way back then

I hope you can understand that this has nothing to do with you
And simply just me longing for my happinesss back
Becasue if I am being honest, I haven't been happy

Starting this new chapter in my life has given me hope
Allowed me to meet some awesome people
And even someone in particular who makes my heart skip a beat

He even gives me butterflies when I see him
And when we kiss well the world stops
And while I don't know where it may go I still want to try

I know you won't read this because it's a reminder of what once was
But I know that if just maybe you did read this
You would be happy for me and understand

My happiness was always of such importance to you
And while you may have been blinded for some time
You realize now that saying goodbye was what I deserved

I will always love you
And you will always share a place in my heart
And I don't want you to forget that

And while I may be rambling on
Writing all this out right now is what I need
Because I don''t know how else to explain how I feel

So with all that being said
I hope you can understand one day
Why we had to say goodbye

© 2015 Manda

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The emotion of true love stayed with us forever.
"I will always love you
And you will always share a place in my heart
And I don't want you to forget that "
I liked the above lines. Real love is a permanent tattoo. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This poem made me feel so torn. There here bitter moments but
the artistic side was one well written. Great emotion.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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