The Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation

A Story by Just Manoosh

Written August 2007, pre deletion day. The bath of all wake up calls you.


The Book of Revelation


"She sits staring at the red jazz man, what a great idea that was"

God she loves her baths and the ritual she follows. Book ... check, alcohol ...check, smokes ... check. This time before she opens her book she stops and consumes her surroundings, she is pleased with what she sees. White wall tiles and fittings, large black floor tiles, scarlet towels and fittings and directly opposite her a large scarlet picture of a jazz man playing the saxaphone. She revels in her thoughts, I designed this bathroom ... I designed this bathroom and the second one across the hall that matches in every aspect except the towels, fittings and large jazz picture is in dark royal blue. She thinks to herself how lucky she is.

Lucky, god yes so very lucky. Her mind starts to wander, her book more than forgotten. A mental picture builds in her mind on how lucky she is.

She starts with her life.

Firstly, she has a wonderful and kind man who loves her and wants to marry her. A man, despite her own imperfections and foibles loves her no less than the moon loves the stars. A man that if he could he would walk on water just to receive one of her smiles. So so lucky.

Her family and friends are immense and in abundance. Parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews ..... the line up is huge, almost neverending. Her friends are close in heart but not always close of miles, but this does not matter, she sees them, talks to them, helps them and cries with them.

Sitting in the bath she takes a long hard look at herself. For once she is not critical, not bad she thinks, are those my legs? At 5ft 8" and 130lbs she has a fabulous figure, she doesnt even mind the coffee colour her skin has turned from a smattering of sun. Not bad indeed. All this packaging, a growing intellect and a tough cookie to boot .... luckily she is not vain (lucky again), she dislikes vanity and arrogance.

It's so quiet in her house tonight, oh but what a wonderful home she has. To her left old London town, to her right gay Paris, wow, she is overwhelmed. Her beautifully designed rooms, exquisite furniture and decor, everything chosen by her. Original and unique artwork, wooden floors, leather beds and gorgeous chocolate leather sofas (oh how she loves those sofas, and so she should as they cost more than 2 cars added together). The only clutter concieved is her beloved book case, made even more eclectic by the fact she never throws away or gives away any books. She starts to laugh as she thinks of her kitchen, there is more than cooking that has gone on in there .... oh but how she loves cooking, so many of her friends have a cow when spying in her fridge, SO she loves fresh food! nothing prepacked, what is wrong with that. that reminds her "buy in (yuk) pizzas" for the house sitter.

Her days? well they are lucky too. She adores her job, she always has, glamour, diversity, fun and hard work all mixed up together. She tinkles to herself "I get paid to do this", yes she gets tired sometimes but that is through hard work and challenges, not despair. Lucky lucky girl. She certainly does not have to worry about the horrible word money.

Her past? wow, what has she not seen and done? how many countries has she seen, visited, lived in? invaluable memories. She has seen the sunset on an island with only 3 other inhabitants, oh how wonderful to feel the air at 13,000 feet .... it feels like flying, she flies without an aeroplane.

She thinks about the future, she has a map and a compass, where will she go? the future is limitless, for as long has she can remember she never places a box around her life, why should she? Limitations stop dreams.

Smiling to herself, she feels an inner warmth, and no it is not the bath water, it is because she thinks of Samantha .... or will she be Frances, Page, Katherine. It matters not. She knows only that they will share their future together, Shakespeare, Poppy's, freedom, thoughts, challenges. Her daughter will know that she has the power to change the world.

Now she is really smiling. Her inner strength, her openess, her kindness, her soul, they are the real things that drive her and NO-ONE could/can ever take that away.

Yes she is lucky, yes she is lucky because she knows down deep inside even if none of the above existed and she lived marooned on a desert island, that she would be happy. She knows exactly who she is, wherever she goes, wherever she has been, that can not be taken from her.

Lucky by heck, luck really has nothing to do with it, for she truely believes what you give out comes back 3 fold, and if not? well ..... atleast she has tried to make a difference in this world.

Tonight she will sleep a warm sleep, just like the Ready Brek glow, and thinks to herself I hope Jilly will like her present.

© 2008 Just Manoosh

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THis is sooooooooo uplifting.....everyone should read it....especially WOMEN!!!.......the power lies within, in knowing the true you.......which gives u that strength!!!......

and ooooooo....i so often hear the word luck...i too use it when i try and ditch a u kinda slapped me in the face :-P

call me dense....but the last line i didnt get.......and its important coz its the last line......pls explain :-(


Posted 12 Years Ago

2 of 2 people found this review constructive.


Am i reading this correctly here? is this your autobiography? is it the story of your life? well apart from the paris link maybe? i have to say this person sounds a well ballanced individual but there are materialistic lines which perhaps would contradict your views previously.
I like the emotional play on words and the positive mental energy from this piece i believe we must chase our dreams down and make them happen otherwise why do we exist? life is a mere challenge to us all to see if we have failed or if we can achieve the set objectives which god has presented in a task.
Dejavu comes from previous failures we have been here done it but failed in our quests, we cannot explain the inner feeling but it is real enough.
This story could be JAN HOWARD'S autobiography the lady who played the part in the famous 1980's soap HOWARD'S WAY i think you might like that series watch it on youtube or rent it on dvd, the person in this story reminds me of her and i was so young when it came out but my parents were avid viewers.
Thatchers britain and the bi product now i am the one who is peeing my pants.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Yes I remember reading this, the warmth and feeling of this positive woman.......and yes made me smile all
over again x

Posted 12 Years Ago

"The bath of wake up calls you ..."

I really enjoyed this, excellent reading.

Very insightful and intriguing, MyBad for waiting so long to stop in and read it. I feel inspired after reading this.
I want a bath just like hers. :+)

Posted 12 Years Ago

Reciprocal Revalation....

Alil' pampering...and relaxing can spawn a revival
You really brought us there ...wonderful description and imagery.
Very realistic self assuring journey through ones mind.

never read any of your work before...
Emily B sent this

I enjoyed this

Posted 12 Years Ago

This was very, very good. The description of the girls surroundings so very vivid it takes the reader - me - there. The emotional feeling of - content & happiness very real as I read.
I feel a little like an intruder after reading this though, that maybe I happened upon a private moment you did not really mean to share.
Well done and I don't know how I missed this the first time around.

Posted 12 Years Ago

i love the insight in to the young woman the way you have put forward. the description is amazing and the the flow is great. a wonderful read i must say

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is absolutely amazing write, my dear. I adored it. How can I have missed this? Such a psychologic mirror of a young woman...and poetic at the same moment. So deep in thought and meaning. Yes you talk about the ritual of taking a full bath, I also love it and read there. It is elegantly written, joyous in its clarity of thought. favorite.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I simply love this.... highly visual - rich in color and texture, well written...and endearing. Thank you to Emily for sending it my way.

Posted 12 Years Ago

Wow I loved this. It held me completely captive within the images that flowed so beautifully. I loved seeing the little details of the surroundings that gave it such a vivid clarity. Your story was so alluring gave me something to allow my imagination to see as it played in my mind's eye so perfectly. This was truly a wonderful story. Inviting and has a wonderful drawing power really pulls you into it. A very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing this with us all.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Great write M , very beautiful write. no i do have one ? is tis about u? eaither way i love the flow and how each thought has been broke up in to its own paragraph. oh and great spelling unlike me LOL!!!!

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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Just Manoosh
Just Manoosh

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