A Poem by Mechelle

a poem about the meaning of love


Love is such a strong feeling,

you feel like nothing else but the one you love matters.

But when you love someone, and give them your heart,you risk getting hurt emotionally.

You risk making yourself cry and weep for days and months and year . . all for what?

The joyous feeling of love? The feeling you get when you hear their voice on the phone?

Or look them in the eyes after a long passionate kiss?

Its weird though, everyone falls, again and again, and its weird how even when you are so low, so down on life, that you get up and make room to love once again.

I choose to not even try to love again though, i chose to chase the one i love now,

in hope of him saying back those three blessed words.

For him to feel the way i do. And maybe finally kiss him, hold him close and express my love to him that no one else has before.I want him to know that im going to chase,

no matter how far i have to go. and that once again we will be together, in love.

© 2008 Mechelle

Author's Note

I dont really think that this is a poem for say, but its not a story either so I just decided to put it under this. I just wrote this and didn't feel like looking for grammar problems or anything so dont add to that and just enjoy it I guess.

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I used to put story, because some stories have thoughts with plot. They tell you the plot because they say it. I put poems though because I never know if I'm going to rhyme. I'm going to do this too. Thank you for giving me determination.

Posted 16 Years Ago

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Added on May 2, 2008



Twin Falls, ID

I am 15, VERY new at writing. Maybe if I have time I will add some poems that I wrote in the past but not right now. more..

My fav. one My fav. one

A Poem by Mechelle