Un Named

Un Named

A Story by Mechelle

Just a story I wrote kinda about what i'm feelin


And she runs.
Her dress soiled with mud, her face covered in tear stains and dirt. The rhythm of her feet pounding on the ground in synchronization with her own fast paced heartbeat. She's trying to run away from what she did, and what was done to her. She's trying to run away from what was once so beautiful, but could never be again.
Upon reaching a bridge, she stops. Her tears blur her vision, and her legs are too weak to go any further. --She has gone quite far, after all. She sits on the ground, twisting her dress in her little hands and watches the tears as they fall.
Noticing such a torn little girl, a cloud speaks to her, "My sweet darling, what makes your world fall down in little raindrops from those beautiful sky blue eyes of yours?"
Startled, the little girl looks up, wiping her tears from her eyes, and trying to regain her composure. "I'm letting go of a world I'm giving up on; each tear is a small piece of that world. I want it all gone. I don't want to have to remember these saltwater raindrops anymore," she said quietly, staring up at the beautiful white cloud; so pure, so welcoming, and so ever-changing.
The cumulus, so curiously and comfortingly, spoke in return, "Why do you wish to let go of that world?"
The little girl fidgeted; her hands playing with a strand of her hair. "Because of what I've done. Because of the pain."
As the cloud wasn't sure what to say, he waited patiently, pondering. Noticing his wordlessness, the little girl looked down into her lap, feeling the tears well up once more.
"I hurt a little boy, quite terribly, back there," she gestured to the direction she had come from and continued, "I...I broke him, you see. I pushed him a little too hard, and he couldn't get back up..." Her voice quaked as a saltwater raindrop fell from her cobalt eyes.
"I just left him where he was. I didn't care to help him back up. Stupid, foolish, little girl. I know that's what I am, that is who I truly am. A selfish, cold child who doesn't know what's best for her."
Sighing, she watched her world fall to her hands, each drop splashing, each memory cased in each drop vanishing. Her lip trembling, she looked back up to the cloud, "He's okay, now. He found someone else to play with," she said, giving a slight smile as tears continued to fall. To stop her soft, trembling lip, she bit it and looked to the trees.
"That's not all that is wrong in those tears you wish to banish so strongly, is it, precious thing?" The great white cloud asked,  his voice loud and booming compared to her tiny, coy voice.
Shaking her head, the little belle looked to the cloud again. "No, that's not all."
The cloud waited for her to continue, his mind intruiged by this little angel who was missing her wings.
"I found another boy; a brave, smart, handsome boy. He takes me on adventures and he makes me laugh," she said, her puffy eyes wandering, "he's beautiful. Carved out of the most beautiful gold from the heavens. He's not like the first boy; both are stunning and wondrous, but this boy... He's different.." She let out a small giggle, thinking back. "He knows what games I like. He knows how to share. He doesn't make fun of me when I mess up, either, or when I can't catch him when we play tag. He just kisses me and tells me not to give up..."
The giant cloud nodded, smiling down to the little girl.
She rested her gaze upon him once more, continuing, "But he has another friend he plays with, and he kisses her, too. He holds her hand, and he teaches her how to swing on the swingset, like he does with me." Her eyes closed, trying to block the tears. "She doesn't know I exist as his friend on this big playground. She's at the other end, you see, and he travels back and forth. Oh, but she's mean to him, he says, so I play nice. I do everything with him, for him, and everything he asks of me. I even let the lies pass through my head, so both of us remain happy. But I get so terribly jealous when he leaves me to play with her, or when he doesn't come to the park to play every day."
Stopping once more, she wiped her tears away and locked her jaw. "That's why I left the playground. I ran away from him. He hasn't talked to me, and he must not miss me. I started running away from that park."
Her focus broke, and tears burst forth worse than ever, as she held her hand to her chest. The cloud lowered itself, blocking the sun from the little girl, and offering its arms to her. She climbed into them, and laid with the cloud, feeling as if the pain would never leave her heart.
"My dear," the cloud said softly to her, "are you sure you wanted to leave?"
The little girl shook her head, burying her face into the arms holding her. "No, if it were up to me, I would have never left that beautiful boy carved by angels. I would have never left that playground. But it's not up to me," she sobbed, turning her face to the cloud, "it's up to him, and he won't decide. So I chose to leave. Before anything became more hectic than it already was. There's more kids on that playground...he'll find someone..."
"And you?" Asked the cloud, brushing the little belle's hair from her face, "will you find someone?"
The little girl looked up to the sky, to the rest of the clouds, and shook her head.


© 2009 Mechelle

Author's Note

Be brutally honest about what you think PLEASE

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Added on February 8, 2009



Twin Falls, ID

I am 15, VERY new at writing. Maybe if I have time I will add some poems that I wrote in the past but not right now. more..

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