The Trip

The Trip

A Story by Michael

Leon, a wealthy businessman, learns more then he wish to.

(This is a story I wrote for a contest, I had to slice it up to fit, because of the 1000 word limit, currently I am re-writing it.)

As the taxicab turned off of the main road it became clear that Leon was no longer surrounded by the wealthy life he was used to, there was garbage cans over filled everywhere, and the homeless appeared to be searching through them.
"Oh Gee" he thought as he scolded himself for not getting a room at the Howard Johnson, in the next town, for everything 30 miles of here, was booked solid, due to the Convention Center.

"I suppose I will just have to make the best of it" he thought, then paid the cab driver, who took little time counting it and driving off. "THANKS" Leon yelled, shook his head in disbelief, and wished he hadn't gave such a generous tip. "He didn't even help me with my bags".

He felt a tug at his leg and looked down to see a young boy smiling at him. "Can I help you, lad?" asked Leon, the boy was filthy from head to toe and smelled worse then he looked, said nothing , he only held out his dirty hand.
"I have nothing to give you" scolded Leon as he then pushed the boy aside, and headed for the hotel entrance.

He checked in at the front desk, then scurried to his room, as he stripped off his clothes, his thoughts were on the boy and the germs he most likely had and transferred onto him, he then took a shower.
After words he lay on the bed and flipped through the only 12 channels that the television offered and soon fell fast asleep, he had traveled over the Atlantic Ocean and was no longer in Europe, he was now in America and jet lag had set in.

Leon woke early, dressed and hurried to the lobby, hoping he had not missed what ever they set out for their exquisite complementary breakfast, to his discouragement all they had was, coffee, plain doughnuts and fruit that was way over ripe. "Yuck" Leon thought as he poured some coffee and headed back to his room. As he sat on the bed drinking it, his thoughts shifted to the meeting he came for, looked at the clock and decided to head out early, hoping he could get it over with and go home.

As Leon waited outside the hotel for his taxi he watched in disgust at the homeless that apparently showed no shame in their picking through the trash, he could not even make eye contact with them.
A maid then walked past him with the left overs from the hotels breakfast and proceeded to pass it out to them, Leon watched as they began to eat the fruit and stale doughnuts and he started to feel ill over the scene.
Just then the taxi pulled up . "Its about time" he said as he got in and shut the door. "1630 Larson Ave, and then the Bank of America on Wilson Blvd" he said to the driver.

Later after they arrived at the bank, Leon remembering the last driver, handed this driver the exact amount and got out. "Thank you" the driver replied and drove off.

"Hello Mr. Henry, I'm Leon Kelms" Leon said as he introduced himself to the banker. "Forgive me for being early, I am always two steps ahead of myself" "Its perfectly fine" chuckled the manager, "Have a seat" the manager said as he pointed to a chair.
Leon sat down and began to explain why he personally came.

"I went by its location and its in the most direct route to and from the airport and its in the perfect place for my new project"
He paused then continued "A businessman's club offering women of all cultures, including a fully operational gym, a bar that offers only the finest liqueurs, and exquisite foods made by the finest chefs, is just what downtown Chicago is lacking"
The banker smiled, stood up and walked over to his bar and poured two glasses of champagne. "Cheers" Leon said as they tipped glasses, drank and continued to discuss the plans.

The next day after all the paperwork was finished and the property now belonged to Leon, he was in a taxicab on his way back to the airport, he only partially listened to the driver, as the "darn motor mouth would not stop talking about nothing" thought Leon, as he abruptly changed the subject without warning, from previous passengers, to his wife and kids, then he said something that caught Leon's attention.

"I feel so terrible for the homeless, the funding ran out, their shelter closed, and someone bought it and is probably going to turn it into a parking lot, like the rest of the shelters" stated the driver.
Leon interrupted "Those people are only homeless because they refuse to work" the driver looked back and interrupted "There is no work, every single factory has closed and moved to other countries where labor's cheap, its about the rich getting richer and the poor shoved aside"

He then said in a stern voice "Those homeless all work for free, cleaning up the streets, tending elderlys yards, and what ever they can do to give back to the city and now they have nothing and live under bridges"
"And this is how they are repaid?" "No funding for them, yet the mayor rides in a limousine and eats at the finest restaurants?" he paused again and said "I care though, I buy food with all my earnings and drop it off to them every night my shift is through, in fact everyone that works for MY company does the same"
Leon interrupted "you own this cab?" the driver replied " Yes, and 15 others as well"

Leon then said "Turn this cab around and go to the Bank of America on Wilson Blvd, I just remembered I forgot my umm briefcase"
The driver watched Leon then push his briefcase under his overcoat on the seat, through the rear view mirror, "Yes Sir, your the boss."

© 2011 Michael

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Very few of us really appreciate and acknowledge the poor around us. They are not in their situation by choice and need help from the society. My respect for Leon has increased since the beginning of the story. Great write. I enjoyed it!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Welcome to my world. Disclaimer.. Don't expect much when viewing my work, I am very new to writing. more..

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