Standing There

Standing There

A Story by Midnight_Mask

   Another golden morning greets her face, bathing her simple beauty in caressing warm light. Her eyes burning brightly a greyish blue and lips swurve, pink and full. With how the sun radianted, her face was bleached a pale white, touched by rosy cheeks.
   As she breaths in and exhaled, preparing herself for another day in the gorgeous torment of Sun and losing him.
   With her sad eyes set fixed strong. Cigarette lightly gripped within her lips and sparked alight. With a gentle calm exhale, smoke burst forth from her lips and drifts off don't the street, playing streams and trails dancing in the wind. Watching the world around her buzz in an energetic rush, as she just stood there - taking it all in.
   Thoughts drifted to time and time, of heart fluttering excitement. Huge effortless smiles and burning hot cheeks and wide eager eyes. But all they were was memories, gone now, leaving her alone and dreaming for more. 
   With the wind gentlely lifting her hair and tossing it around in the summers Sun. It was so pretty and enjoyable, but something in her begged the day to give her some rain. To sooth and relax her, to finally give her that public hiding place, where her tears could run freely down her soft cheeks and fall to join drops of rain resting in grand puddles on the harsh floor. But no rain came.
   But he came, even of only in her thoughts and dreams, enveloping her in his arms, holding her close and whispering sweet words in her ear. Finally her face brightened in a way that it was breathtaking - she smiled broadly and eyes glowing.

© 2014 Midnight_Mask

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Added on July 12, 2014
Last Updated on July 12, 2014



London, United Kingdom

Hi, I am Midnight_Mask and write because that's how I express my feels and how I see life. I've wrote everything from songs, to poems, to short stories, to chapters. One of my goals is to finish a b.. more..