Black Bird (The Crow)

Black Bird (The Crow)

A Poem by PoeticFury

When I Die.... Let Me Live....

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When I die fantasy may you expand that word.

Beyond the grave.. Let me come back in a fashion and make sure all the changes and wrongs in my life are made.

That the thoughts of all the wrong people ever did to me are heard by actions crossing them off my list in my mind to the point of them wishing nothing would have happen to me.

That age would have not happen to me.

Though it would be to late cause its going to be to late for them cause its unsafe to say that on this earth I stayed.

Representing the abnormal for me is normal..

I am not wishing death upon them, but repercussion I want to be the judge of it, but I will make sure its formal.

They will say no more...

There is a quote to a raven.. I say never more..

Never again will I be one to live through your words of crap. Cause I shall have no fear.

Taking the time to listen to what you have to say is not a problem cause in the flesh you will see me, but in reality and your mind you know I am no longer here.

I need no paint black or white cause I already am pale in the face. I have black blood running through my veins.

Running with the paranoia of the others feeling their pain.

I am still the same. Through my eyes..

He watches..

It watches...

It flies...

As you claim to be something you are not.

On this return if granted I will give my goodbyes.

Then I shall return below the ground and fly to the sky.

After I show you get what you give.

Give me a way to make them understand they need to respect their own lives that they live.

By no means I want to kill.

I tend to make them understand the ways.

The highs...

The lows...

I am me..

I am alive living dead...

I desire to spread my wings and be a crow...

Need me not to be dead to leave a mark. Need me to be alive to place it in your mind” ModestWords

© 2012 PoeticFury

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beautifullllll i see josh you now understand that we are dying to live beautiful love is all just know that :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on April 10, 2012
Last Updated on April 10, 2012
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New Orleans, LA

Heaven has no fury like a writer with emotion. I love writing more than I love life. Why? Cause writing is my life, and without it I have no life. I enjoy music, and meeting new people. Also like most.. more..

Black Black

A Poem by PoeticFury