Betrayal & Treason

Betrayal & Treason

A Story by RED

This is my first attempt in writing short stories.


                                      Betrayal And Treason

     It was a sunny day at our beloved kingdom. Birds were warbling the most beautiful melodies. Sun’s rays covered the green slabs as a coat worn in winter.

Peaceful weather at a peaceful kingdom whose king was called “Iron Heart”; he had lions’ bravery, and all elders’ wisdom.

Our great lord second in command, Alexander, had decided to break the kingdom’s normality when he chose to betray and roll on his kingdom and people. The same kingdom in that he had been fed and sheltered.

How shockingly is a man willing to do in order to achieve power and wealth?!

Our great leader, who was young but had the wisdom of all elders, had promoted him several times, and the way he returned the favour was astonishing as much as when the sun rises from the west.

We, the royal knights, figured out his plans way too late! And the whole kingdom, even the boulders, were amazed by his dark speech:

This kingdom will live a different era; rules are yet to be changed. You better forget your young-old king because now he is just a pile of ashes in a jar!

He killed every woman that refused to abide his desires and confined all the nobles. His ecstasy did not stop at this point. Instead, his dark side was growing day after day!!

Although he betrayed his kingdom, (truth has to be said) he had unique characteristics. However, betrayal flushed them in the drain, and we had no other choice but fighting him to regain the throne as a favour for our lord. 
Temporarily, I and some royal knights managed to escape away from the kingdom, and went North in order to expose our allies on the problematic issue that we are facing; they were glorified by the honour of fighting with us side-by-side against betrayal.

After flocking every piece of inner courage, I gathered the troops and gave them a speech:

“Great soldiers, we have made it this far because we believed in our kingdom, ourselves, and in our capability of wiping betrayal and treason. We fight for our kingdom, our children, our women, and our elder. Fear will kill you before your enemy does. Sons of Nobility, Do Not let fear enter your hearts and let your anger released on treason and betrayal.

There are two options here, sons, and they are two options only:
Victory Or Death!!

Grab your swords, and let us show them how honour is earned!!

The Battle’s Moment:

We prayed to God at the dawn. I lined the brave men up and said this is it (The Moment Of Truth).

During the battle, we, the very few who managed to survive, heard nothing but swords’ sound, men being killed, and walls becoming ashes due to the massive fire balls, and we could see nothing but fire arrows veiling the sun’s rays, so we reached a point where we could not differentiate between actual clouds and fire arrows’ clouds.

At that moment, the only orders I gave were “Light Up The Balls!!”, and “Fire!!” 

Bravely, we fought, and we destroyed the walls to reach to the stronghold’s front yard.

[The Soldiers Aside]….

Did we really destroy the walls!? Are we in a dream!?

Our astonishment was interrupted by one of the valiant soldiers saying: “The traitor is trying to escape”, and again, we had become overwhelmed by feelings. Therefore, we went to the Royal Chamber and found out that his guards had surrendered.

What we saw was even harder to believe! We saw Aecesstane, our allies’ commander with some of his Royal Guards, who were trained in a very bizarre way, surrounding him and managed to catch the traitor. As a result of what had happened, I ordered the very few who survived to execute him in the public market so that people will sermonize. 

The whole kingdom was delighted by joy and happiness, and during the festivals, Aeccestane gave them a memorial speech:

Ladies and Gentlemen, from now on, we will make sculptures carved on them the names of the brave soldiers who had put their kingdom’s interest in front of their eyes. In every single town, they shall be carved.

We cannot deny the fact that we lost more than we could have ever imagined, but for fighting treason and betrayal, our valiant soldiers are well-known for sacrificing their lives in order to maintain our
kingdom’s glory.

Once again, we are living a dream.

And, Mathieu, my son, you fought bravely, gave the orders needed, and I am sure that the king will be proud of what you have done to this country if not here, in the afterlife you shall meet. I cannot put it in a simpler way “You, my son is the one who is capable of inheriting the crown.” You are the king now, my son.

{Crowds Cheering}…

Mathieu! Mathieu! Mathieu! Mathieu!

The End

© 2015 RED

Author's Note

What do you think about it as a first attempt??

By the way, I am longing to hear your (HONEST) overviews.

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