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Her Life Part 1

Her Life Part 1

A Story by Morgan A Lynch


15 Dec
Its past 2 am and I she finally hears the front door creep open, an unsettling feeling replaced her comfortable sense of safety. She checks on the baby before she walks down the stairs. As she heads down the stairs she is trying not to make noise so he will not hear her. She finally reaches the bottom of the stair way and sees a trail of boot prints made with blood on there white carpet.
The first thing that pops into her head is “I’ll be having a hard time getting that out tomorrow”. She follows the prints into the kitchen were he is washing his hands, the water is red and his clothing splattered with blood. He finally sees her standing in the door way and demands that she started the washing machine. She does not ask him what happened, why he is covered in blood; for she already knows that he probably lost his temper when he was out drinking with his buddies and bashed some poor guys head open. After she is finished soaking the clothing in oxy clean and puts them in the wash, he throws his shoes at her that were white at one point but now is more of a pink read color. With out hesitation she goes under the sink to get a magic eraser, from her experience she has found that this gets the blood stains off white shoes the best. Before heading up to bed she sprays the bloody boot prints.
Tossing and turning trying to find a commutable spot on an old blow up mattress on the floor of the baby’s room. She chooses to sleep here instead of the queen size bed that is only a glance away for she can be safe from harm and make sure he is safe. She knows how the baby breaths and wakes up the second it sounds off. You see the poor little 2 month old baby has been in and out of the hospital. He was born almost two months early due to an altercation between her and the husband. Now she is at the hospital at least once a month with the baby. She is so excited when she finds a commutable spot on the mattress she almost moves and loses it. Now all she has to do is calm her self and her mind so she can get at least 3 hours of sleep tonight.


© 2008 Morgan A Lynch

Author's Note

Morgan A Lynch
this is a rough draft of the first part of a story called her life. please if you have any sugestions let me know.

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The first thing that pops into her head is "I'll be having a hard time getting that out tomorrow". - my favorite line because that would be running through my head and my mothers if I saw blood. this was soo pulling and gripping that I'm just urging for more! Great piece and cant wait to see if you post different parts on this story. I'm actually a little shaken up from the husband, dont want to meet a man like that in real life but cant wait to learn more about him through the pages! amazing job!

Posted 11 Years Ago

It is a snap shot of a life experience that the female lead has come to accept. Written into her story is the calm acceptance of something that shouldn't be accepted or tolerated ... if it is normal life. I am not sure where you want to go with the story. It has a bit of horror, surrealistic, supernatural, domestic violence... several paths to take in this short bit. The story could be quite compelling. It already has a good start.

Good show, harsh environment, but good show.


Posted 11 Years Ago

For a rough draft, it drags me in - leaving me wanting more on what happens.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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I am not going to correct the language...cant right now...but about the story line...drags u right well done....hope all goes well for the poor woman and baby...frightful situation to be in.


Posted 12 Years Ago

Good start to this one M. I want to read more! How have you been btw?

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is a very errie work my love and i find something about it so disturbingly familar. Great job though i want to read more...

Posted 12 Years Ago

i like the way this is written....there are a few minor spelling. maybe us different words instead of blood and soaked.....make it more spicey!! hehe if ya want help i can always help ya...

Posted 12 Years Ago

Oh my what a scary situation to be in.

My only suggestion is breaking it up into more paragraphs to make it easier to read.

Posted 12 Years Ago

The since of safety has left her and has turned into unsettledness.
Should this not read ' an unsettling feeling replaced her comfortable sense of safety'
Just a thought !!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on April 23, 2008
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Morgan A Lynch
Morgan A Lynch

sandbox with cactus, AZ

I am 24 years old and live in AZ.. I have prob failed every english class that i have taken. I hate to be told what to write and how to do it.. i write from the heart and things that i feel. umm to te.. more..


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