What happened to us?

What happened to us?

A Poem by Morgan|Intelligent|witty|gemini

What happened to us?
There was so much trust and then all of a sudden
it was just washed down the drain
and then you were gone
we didn't have a future..
we were stuck on the past..
is it bad to say that I have questions to ask?

I wanna know how it's my fault.
We had this huge castle in the sky
and then
all of a sudden we just ended it
and it fell
and it was never to be built again

But you forgot to count how many times I let you come back in
I didn't wanna lose you..
I watched you walk away from me
I let you get distant
I never questioned your problems
I never questioned you
I never stopped...you.
so why..did you stop me?

I never intended to hurt you
I caused more problems than I probably should've..
whenever I started to care for myself, it was a problem.
we don't always get what we want...
I was forced to move on
I watched you become happier with everyone else.
I've given up now..
I'm sick of watching it rain
every single time
you, throw words at me

I apologize..
maybe things will be better now
you got your revenge
I'll never understand why you always have to win...

How am I supposed to go on?
you throw me under and expect me not to fight back

Did you not see where my heart had cracked?
I just wanted you to love me.

© 2019 Morgan|Intelligent|witty|gemini

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Added on September 13, 2019
Last Updated on September 13, 2019
Tags: Mental Health, BPD, poem, poems, monolouges, monolouge, inner monolouge, mental illness, feelings, emotions, life, free verse poem, sad, sadness, empty, emptiness, breakup, ex, to my ex




My names Morgan, I'm 26 years old. I have a pretty cool cat and a witty personality. I tend to have a lot of emotions and feelings that I don't always understand or that I understand all to well, eith.. more..