Love made me

Love made me

A Poem by NebraskaHope

we all have a feeling of what love makes us want to do when it doesnt go our way!

love makes me wanna stop at January 31st and salute to march first,
I been in love, so far down you cant see the stars,
commonly we all been hurt, but each scar aint identical to each
worse to regret, my heart cant be rolled, im done gambling it like favorite dice
so fiery how I wanna explode in love, but the grenade boomerangs to my soul,
just explain the small print contractors try to gyp you with,
yes I signed, but you owe me love because i been con and fooled with lies,

love makes me wanna remove my heart so cupid wont have a target to shoot,
please dont hypnotize my feelings just to snap your hands when youre done with them,
im tieing my shoes strings, no more falling, no more coming back to you for sponsorship
broke me down like a puzzle and still cant complete what you did,
victimized my harboring fact, im still suffering from not just the last, but the first

love made me wanna skip all 28 days in February,
knock on cupids door and hand him my targeted heart,
hot and hurt, steaming still from the unforgettable burn
im nocturnal from love, no longer dreaming at night,
stuck in yesterday instead of the loving day
l tell you, love made me write this poem and mean every word
it made me realize the perception, that its just a perception
something youre hip to on Disney channel,
but please leave it in the kid years cause bringing it along can cause adult fears,

© 2014 NebraskaHope

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An in depth view relating to the reader well, thought provoking, will we ever escape it? well done, good read.

Posted 6 Years Ago

"love makes me want to remove my heart
so cupit wont have a target to shoot".

early Black scholars discounted for years, the blues as a musical form, not as a lamentation on
sorrow, but because it preached resignation. We know better now. Both are unresoluble.
Because however hard we try, we cant escape it, this love, unscathed. Sitting and waiting with
roses left to give..This poem raises some interesting notions about time and maturity.

well done.

ps. I just left Atlanta two days ago..and it was as cold as Detroit whf..........dana

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

yes it is cold lol. but that you so much !
love makes me wanna stop at January 31st and salute to march first

I absolutely love this! The perception too gets crazy, and I too hate that month. Great job! :)

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you soo much !

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Added on January 30, 2014
Last Updated on January 30, 2014
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as A ninety"s child I was always odd. I drew, wrote & sewed with my left hand. U thought that was some kind of magical power that activated my talents. more..

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