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Part 1 because I haven't completely finished this chapter. Will be updated soon I hope, but I don't get much time to write since I'm mostly a visual artist with commissions and requests to do.

        Faylinn  looked out the window absent-mindedly as the rain scattered the window.It wasn't uncommon for it to rain in London, especially in Autumn.She tried counting the droplets as she twirled a loose string from her uniform around her finger.
        Whack!She sat bolt upright as the ruler smacked her desk.
"Miss Rossi, would you like to tell the class what we just discussed?"
"" She stared at her desk in shame as giggles filled the class.
"In that case I'll be seeing you after class, Ms. Rossi."
"Yes ma'am.."
    When she was finally released from her lecture she trudged home with her tattered umbrella humming quietly to herself. She looked up at the gray clouded sky as the wet drops hit her face. She sighed and continued walking trying not to get her wellies soaked even though they were already becoming damp and the scattered puddles and mud weren't making it any easier. There was a slight nudge on her back as she walked up the dirt driveway.
     "Conker, my teacher already hates me enough, I'm pretty sure she won't believe me if I told her my horse snuck in my backpack and ate my biology book, so knock it off!" The bay just snorted and stomped in protest. Sighing, Faylinn  took out her left over apple and handed it to the horse. Conker rubbed his velvet muzzle against her hand as he savored the offering.
"Conker, that tickles, silly boy." She giggled patting his neck gently.
"Just wait 'til Mum hears this..."
"Faylinn , Faaaaayliiiiinn's in trouble~"
"Bug off Dylan!" She pouted crossing her arms.
"What are you gonna do about it if I don't? Run out to your little horse crying?"
"I'll stomp on ya 'til ya cry like the little whimp you are!"
   Dylan stuck his tongue out at her teasingly as she put her umbrella in the basket next to the coat rack.

"Try it horsey girl."
"AGH!DYLAN YA LI-" She was cut off by her mum's gruff cough, calling them to attention.
"Dylan, leave.Faylinn, kitchen.Now."
   Dylan snickered and walked up to his room.

"Here we go again..." She set her book bag on the stairs and put her coat on the rack. She glanced at her muddy wellies thinking about how she could throw the mud at Dylan to get him off her back.
"FAYLINN!" She sighed for what seemed like the millionth time in a row and as sweetly as she could called out, "I'll be there in a second Mum, I want to savor the last few minutes of sanity I have left."
   She decided she didn't want to get her hands muddy so pushed the thought of slapping Dylan dead on with the mud from her wellies away. She slipped them off as best she could without making her hands a mess, which failed miserably and she decided to just wash her now mud laden hands in the sink when she got to the kitchen.
"So," her mum began in her tone that usually meant a big argument was about to happen. "I got a phone call from your teacher, Mrs.Sincher, today. Mind explaining what happened?"
"I was daydreaming again Mum. Ya know me, couldn't pay attention to that crow if my life depended on it. Which thankfully, it doesn't." Mrs.Rossi rolled her eyes at her daughter's rude remark.
"Faylinn, I'm not asking you to be perfect. Let's face it, no one likes school, but I am asking you to pay a little more attention. Just a little.Y ou only have a couple more months of school."
"But Mum, it's hard, she sounds like a robot repeating a dead recording. It's hard ta hear her anyways."
  Faylinn rolled her eyes.

"Fine." Her mum stood and walked out to get a pan from the pantry.
"Help me make dinner and you can go to Nikki's later perhaps." This, was certainly not what the girl was expecting.
"What? That's it? No punishment?" Her mum just chuckled.
"We'll see."
   Faylinn groaned in annoyance.

"Mummmmmm, you never tell me anything."
"So, what? Your mum didn't ground you even though that's the fifth time this month? Isn't that a good thing?" Nikki twirled her hair in a braid out of habit.
"I'm pretty sure there's something up her sleeve. And Dylan's going to enjoy seeing me punished. She'll probably forbid me to ride Conker for the rest of the month.."
"Aww, that's no fun. Conker would miss visiting Holly, they make such good friends."
"Yes, well,, it will only be for the rest of the month. Or I'd go"

© 2012 The Lavender Witch

Author's Note

The Lavender Witch
Again, I usually don't write so any tips would be appreciated. XD I wrote this at 2 AM with no sleep, so there's bound to be typos and mistakes.

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:o this is very interesting! umm, i would brush threw this and try to add some things like when the mother sighed her name, u should lower case that(usally all caps is for big actions or yelling/shouting type thing,) also . . .i got confused when the brother came in like the horse i understood but then u suddenly put the brother in so it was like what the hell >.> when he there. . .:3 will there be more?

Posted 9 Years Ago

Enjoyed reading this. Good attention to detail.
Yeah at points I was confused about who had said what and had to re-read to work it out.
Would be interested to see how crazy Faylinn's gonna go!

Posted 9 Years Ago

The Lavender Witch

9 Years Ago

Fixed it up a little, hope that's easier.
I really liked it. Especially the last line:
"Yes, well,, it will only be for the rest of the month. Or I'd go"
I loved that. Though one thing you can change is that you add people's reactions to someone else's quote, so I'm not sure if Faylinn said this or her mother did:
"We'll see." Faylinn groaned in annoyance.
I figured it out as I continued reading, but when I first read it I was very confused. That could be easily fixed by seperating her reaction from the quote. Other than that I love it so far. Especially your attention to detail in the beginning with the rains drops. I really like this piece, can't wait to see the final result.

Posted 9 Years Ago

The Lavender Witch

9 Years Ago

Fixed it up a little, hope that's easier.

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The Lavender Witch
The Lavender Witch

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I don't often write, I don't really think I'm good at it. I've heard from a few people that I'm okay, just need improvement, so if you have any tips they would be appreciated. more..