Robert the Bunny

Robert the Bunny

A Story by Nerdlige

(year 2003. September 15th.)

“Do you at least remember your name?” Ms. Rush asked while she was touching her long brown hair and watching the calm little girl slowly shake her head.

“No,” she quickly replied.

“It’s Hester Redwine. This isn’t the first time you’ve lost your memory. Here’s your diary. You have written something on it everyday, maybe it’ll bring back some of your memories.”

Anna Rush was a kind therapist who had helped Hester to remember things for two years now.

Hester’s house was set on fire and Hester was found covered in blood and walking down a road with bloody scissors in her hands,almost getting hit by a car. She was wearing a white night dress and unbottoned green sweater.

Her bright blue eyes have always looked so empty and cold, but besides that she’s a calm and a clever girl. And then again her short,almost white hair has always made her look a little innocent, besides her dark past.

When she was first brought to the asylum on February 16th. 2001. when she was nine, she didn’t remember anything at all. Her name, her past, the people that we’re close to her, none of it.

Hester was tightly holding on to her diary when Ms. Rush escorted her to her room.

“I’ll leave you on your own peace now, so you can really focus on your diary,” Ms. Rush said and closed the door.

Hester sat on the bed and noticed there was an open lock on the diary. Hester removed it and quickly opened her diary. Empty. There was only a few clean pages left on the diary but all of the other pages were ripped off.

All of a sudden Hester could hear a faint humming from behind and she turned around. Behind her, where there should be a wall, she saw a completely black hallway. At the end of it there was a white door and some light was coming from behind it.

Hester sat up, left her diary on the bed and nervously walked up to the door. She slowly opened it and peeked to see what was behind it. It was a huge room with a lot of paintings of eyes. The roof and the floor were completely invisible, so you could see clouds floating in the air. In the middle of the room there was a big chair with a bunny costume sitting in it. The bunny costume was yellow and had white spots around it’s smiling mouth and big brown eyes. On the bunny’s lap there was a ripped page. Hester walked up to the bunny costume and picked up the page.

“MURDER. I DON’T REGRET!” was written on the page with big red letters.

Hester felt something touching her hand and she quickly stepped back. The bunny costume was moving, someone was inside it.

“You wished for it,” someone in the bunny costume said.

“My name is Robert the Bunny. We’ve met before but you just don’t remember,” he said.

Hester looked around and noticed the clouds were gone and they were surrounded by darkness. The eyes in the paintings were moving around.

Hester’s head started to hurt and her nose bled.She fell on the floor, then she passed out. She started having flashbacks and all of a sudden she remembered what happened two years ago.

She remembered her mother, Ebony, who was a prostitute, hitting her, trying to kill her and forsing her to do sexual things with other men.

Ebony would try to poison Hester ever since she was a baby or cut her with a knife.

Hester remembered that she’s always had scars on her arms and legs and on her cheek.

No one, even in school, didn’t seem to like her because of her cold and odd behaviour. On her school desk she would always carve the word ”hate” or ”Robert”.

She had a flashback of a night when a boy in a yellow bunny costume appeared in her room while she was sleeping. When she woke up and noticed the bunny sitting at the end of her bed he said:

“You want your mom dead, don’t you?”

And then Hester had a flashback of herself putting poison on her mother’s coffee and then the bunny picking up a knife stabbing her mom, over and over again. Then Hester picking up a matchbox from the drawer and setting the house on fire.

Hester woke up in her bed and looked at the diary in her hands. It had an open lock in it. She noticed a stuffed toy besides her that was a yellow bunny and picked it up, then looked around the room confused.

“Who am I? …Where am I?”

© 2015 Nerdlige

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Added on May 26, 2015
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my real name will never be reveled ive tryed to get a youtube acount but my computer sucks plus my dogs went on a rampage of running threw the house and knocked off my computer im 17 im not the smart.. more..

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