A Story by Ness of Love

First, people can write about this while not being suicidal. This is a perspective that I might see it as. Frankly, I'm to scared to hurt myself like this. Purely fiction that I know of.

I sit in my bedroom, wondering when someone will come home, I'm quite
curious of this. From what they told me they would be home late. So
this is my chance! I get the old razor blade from my drawer. This is
the way I will end it, my life. The last time I saw everyone we had a
great time. So I will leave them with good memories. I take the blade
and start cutting my wrist, I know the perfect spot to where the final
cut will go. All this blood is making me realize why I didnt do this
before. Because I made to many mistakes. But now I planned it
perfectly. Im starting to see black, I need to make the final cut now.
I put the razor to my neck and slash! Im dying,I am finally dying from
this world full of sadistic, lonely, and hurtful people. The last thing
I see are people. I guess my parents came home early. The look on their
faces is very sad, my mother is crying now. They weren't supposed to
see me die. To late now I guess. I say one last thing before I slip
away. "Goodbye"

© 2011 Ness of Love

Author's Note

Ness of Love
Fiction fiction fiction. No on was harmed in the writing of this

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Before I get into this review (which may be a little critical) this was a fabulous piece of work.
Now, I am not sure if you, being a non suicidal person, really captured the utter sorrow a truly depressed person struggles with.This seemed a bit short for the topic as there was almost no emotion to why this happened.
But, this was still wonderful.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I love writing from different perspectives.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on June 1, 2011
Last Updated on August 21, 2011
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Ness of Love
Ness of Love


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A Story by Ness of Love