inches for eternity

inches for eternity

A Poem by Nickzilla617

this is a story about being a nerd. What it trully means to be one of us. How horrible it really is. Society being the cruelest of them all

Inches for eternity
In the gothic stone building; damp , dark, and crumbling brick. 
A man sits at a computer staring into the black screen of abyss, the one thing he loves on the other side. 
The gargoyles, a crumbling symbol of times before, a dilapidated insignia of yore
Crumbling now as hope fades, the screen flickers, the old hobbit looks down  
He runs his hands through his white hair, and looks at the blonde woman beyond this blackened portal
He reaches for his glasses, pulling them through his white lab coat
The teasing made him old, the constant promises of “You’ll see her” from the voices in his head
Outside his gothic cage, a world that mocked him resides, full of bright futures, all a dystopian lie
His eyes are now milky, red, and shot with blood. He can stand it no longer
Determination, keeps his hand off the revolver
He sits in the darkness, with only his tears to provide him little comfort,
The man looks down at the floor, made of his own doing, his own mistakes; it’s laced with self pity aswell
Depression sets in, he looks up now broken and beaten, he think’s he’s going to lie down for a while 
He lays on the dirt floor of his industrial prison, made by those who taunt him
 The ancient war time walls that have now rusted and layed dormant for what seemed eons
Nothing’s keeping him from his shackles, but nothing would have him in this world
To the cruel, self promoters of this world, he is nothing
He is a relic of times before, of times of golden yore 

© 2012 Nickzilla617

Author's Note

be none gentle to my fate, for i have fallen from heaven's graces

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Added on July 23, 2012
Last Updated on July 23, 2012
Tags: gamer, geek, gothic, computer, nerd, sci fi, dark, depressing, sad, meloncholoy, love, death, pain, heartbreak, sorrow, scarecrow, random, depression, snap, insanity, mind, psychological, fantasy



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