Chapter one and preface

Chapter one and preface

A Chapter by Nickzilla617

This is your introduction to the galaxy of LoW and i hope you enjoy it.


 It is currently the year 59447. In this time there are currently four major houses protecting the Dominion home world of Te` teras. The four houses defend the Dominion from the harsh forces of the galaxy.  

The Necroposs can be described as vicious as a rantok and as sinister as seperath space serpent. The house is said to have come from a dead world that they have stapled together. The exact origins of these beings are a mystery. The Necross are a race of corpses enhanced with cybernetics, by a master artificial intelligence god; The Necross collective contains members from every known species in the galaxy. They use the corpses and integrate them with machine parts to make the species “More efficient” They view the Dominion as an opportunity joining a mere 2000 years ago. Though not as new as the Mentoor, the beings do believe that they can achieve power through the Dominion, in hopes to span “the sight” to each and every member of the galaxy.

Alongside the vast Necroposs house is the oldest house to the Dominion.  The Negal were proposed a peace treaty between their tribal world and the vast expanding Te’Taras Dominion. The house of Negal spans back to the early days of tribal warfare with mere fighters and limited space travel. The Negal are human like reptiles, barbaric in nature and harsh to their enemies.  The Negal are some of the most dreaded foes in the galaxy. Hailing from their desert home-world Degaras 7 or Te` eke Nuk Taal as known by them, their technology is more tribal inspired. The ships are said to be painted with blood, the fearsome Chuk’nakk. The lizards are dim witted in nature and usually answer fist first. Although, if one gives a life debt to you these beasts are the best ally a knight could ever hope to receive.

The Aquarians are the most intelligent of all the houses. They harbor entire moons of libraries and space stations to the knowledge of the universe.  These aquatic beings hail from the planet of water, Aquais 3.  They were first initiated in the Dominion on Rain seed 3rd, 31010.  They believe that knowledge is the heart of all creation. They believe in serving the Dominion for the pursuit of knowledge, and a quiet, peaceful to meditate.

Finally there is the house of Mentoor, a race of humans hailing from the forest planet of Nightglow. The people are the noblest in the galaxy, the morals pure, and the peace is strong. Made up of strong nation states, the unified space front or “The shield and sword” are the main military back bone of the Dominion. The people who come from the world are said to be naive and a bit to unwise for their own sake, the newest members of the galactic Dominion, not only a thousand years ago, are still relatively new to the Dominion.  They have yet to join the imperial government known as the king’s eye.






Chapter one. Life is as it should be

                He looked up at the green sun, cursing himself slowly as it began to sink beyond the horizon; hurriedly he began to run as fast as he could. “Mother, I’m coming.” Said the young teenaged son. He sheathed his flame-sword that he had gotten for his birthday and began slowly trudgeing through the wild plants that grown throughout the forest world nightglow toward the large harrowing mansion at the edge of the field “Hurry child, before your father gets here.” She said as he quickened his pace to about normal walking. He soon reached the destination as a light humming sound caught his ear. He looked up 

Just as he did so the light from his father’s star cruiser fired out from the sky as ship descended from the heavens.  In a few moments the landing gears clicked and whirred as he descended from the star cruiser. His light shield faded and his flame-sword hilted at the cloak. The knight stepped to his wife and smiled warmly. The guarding day was done and he returned safely. It was not uncommon in those days for the days of war had not yet thundered across the galaxy.

When Jaseph was young, nothing really seemed to bother him that much. He had great family, loving friends, and a Space knight for a father. He was one of the privileged wealth and little trouble. Mind you, that he had his house to think of. The honor of his family hinged on him, his reputation, and his manners.

He and his family were noblemen. They believed in the Dominion and all that it stood for. They were always of special interest. Everyone in the galaxy took interest to the Greas, from Commander Diviner of the OunTassas colonies, to the Negal chief Assarr taru` tak, Even the Necroposs took special interest in the Grease.

For those of you who are new to the Dominion, or are just too young to understand; a greas is a house within a house; each greas has a hand full of servants and a full farm of peasants. It’s a little different with the Negal, because the governments are not as civilized as ours.

“There’s my boy.”  Enal stated with a smile; as he bent down and rustled the young boy’s hair. “Almost ready for the trials I see?” He chuckled lightly. Jaseph looked up to him smiling and nodded. He was eleven and was to become a man this year. So that meant that he would have to go through the trials.   “well, how would my men like a fine meal?” inquired jaseph’s mother as she went to the kitchen to make them a bit of stew.

Enal was the first to get up, he always had to be up and inspace before breakfast was made and before his wife , or son could get up. Jaseph’s father was an Arel after all, and was second only to royalty. So he was also a major general and had constantly lead his fleet into great space battles and such.

Early in the following morning, Jaseph finally woke up.  He looked about the greas with groggy eyes and caught glimpses of fields and forests beyond the creak and over the gentle rolling hills and dells. The morning was dull as usual; the peasants were set out about their daily chores. He then noticed a little red headed girl with goggles on and in a pair of raggy brown overalls. This was Anya. Anya was one of his servants, and one of his closest friends. Since the day they were born they had always ran about in the fields, and played in the garden.  She and he took adventures all the way from the Tenth creek to the star ports that lay east word at the end of the city.

She waved a friendly smile and he looked down the window. He rushed down the stairs grabbing the pack he had gotten form his uncle and stuffed it to the brim with toys, games, and snacks for them to do while out in the fields.  They played from dawn till noon with no end in sight until jaseph sat and looked up at the sky.

The Green sun bathed them in the warm glistening light of summer.  “There isn’t as much to do as if father were here is there?” Jaseph asked his young friend.  She nodded in reply “Yes, I know, however we could go through,” she paused in mid sentence gleaming at him as she continued her reply “We could go through the Caves of the forbidden.” Jaseph paused at this, no-one; at least as young as he had ever gone through the trials and lived to tell the tale. He ruffled his brown sandy hair, and his green eyes looked down at the ground.

“No Anya, I really think that that’s “she groaned before he could finish. “You know you could be the youngest initiate in the 3rd age and you’re too scared to go through with it?” she taunted him and cracked an evil crooked smile. She snickered in a vile voice. Jaseph took note of this; he didn’t like the notion of it one bit. “I’m not!” Retorted young Jaseph, his’ freckles blending in with his new pink pigment as he shook his head; “You’re frightened!” Anya shouted at him again and he looked at her, his face glowing red from embarrassment. “Silence, I am not.” He whined like a child.

He looked at the moss covered cave at the clearing near the forest’s end. It’s stalactites to him at least, looked like the vicious fangs of Moon Viper crawling out of one of its craters. Tentatively, he took a step forward, closing the distance between him and the dark cave. The closer he got however, the longer the tunnel seemed to go on. It kept on stretching into the blackness of oblivion; until he had reached the mouth of the forbidden cave.

He was at the mouth now, and he unsheathed his holo-sword and it let off a soft light wich began to his as water from the top of the cave fell onto the aurora green plasma. It lit the damp walls and mirn bugs began crawling away from the light, some of them dragged pieces of mark-bats that had unfortunately fell to the ground.  “Mirn bugs, awful creatures.” Anya told Jaseph “Heard the queen get’s as big as a small boy, would eat them whole, too. At least, that’s what dad and mum told me.” She smiled wickedly, though the notion of an infant sized spider crab scared Jaseph to the point at which he tried to hold in a cringe.

He went in further down the throat of the cave as it became more and more humid.  The heat was making them sweat now, Jaseph shook his head though. “How far down do we have to go?” He asked as he looked at Anya. “Why, are you going to run to mummy?” She stuttered. “Oh, don’t tell me the queen of the brave is getting frightened?” He smiled at the retort, which earned him a glare from Anya and something mumbled in an alien language he didn’t fully comprehend.

Jaseph slowed his pace as he descended deeper into the cave. The mouth was a mere pinhead and his sword barely lit two feet in front of them. “Ok we’re deep enough.” He said as he turned to Anya. She was all sweaty, her green skin now covered in sweat as she looked at him. “Deeper, this doesn’t count.” She said knowing she was defeated. “Anya, look we can barely see the light from the entrance.” She sighed, finally giving in. “Fine, let’s go back to the surface mummy’s boy.”  He sighed and, suddenly tripped over a piece of bone. The holosword went flinging from his hand and Anya laughed until she had tears in her eyes.



There was scuttling as tiny little glowing spider like bodies started to pour from the ceiling. Jaseph scrambled trying to reach his sword.  “Anya gets out of here.” He yelled as he started searching his sword. He found bones and rocks, and then as he stretched his arm forward he found a metal hilt, in a panic knocked further from his hand. The spiders were now on the walls and Anya was halfway out of the cave.

He started to crawl forward, as he felt the ground thunder with the tiny vibrations of a million claws now on the floor, coming toward him.  He grabbed his sword and started flailing about wildly as a thousand stingers descended upon him. The light from the holo-sword illuminated a really big mirn bug leading the swarm, one as big as Jaseph.  The queen hissed and shielded it’s for limbs from the light. Jaseph leapt up shaking the swarm off, as they clawed and stung him from all directions and onto all the body.

The cave was swirling around him as he could see visions of the queen calling off her horde as she stepped forward. His vision cleared as the saw the hideous form approach him and scream. He slashed his sword in a slurring motion, now losing most of the control of his limbs. “Jaseph!” he heard his mother scream as he fell to the ground in the warm moist cave. Before he lost consciousness a bright blue light washed the room and he saw the spiders scuttling before him to get to the darkness.

© 2012 Nickzilla617

Author's Note

please be nice in critiquing. love the commenters favers and watchers.

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