Lord of worlds chapter 2

Lord of worlds chapter 2

A Chapter by Nickzilla617

this is the aftermath of jaseph and anya's little adventure


Chapter two: rude awakening


                Jaseph awoke the next morning with a very heavy headache.  He was in a medical lab with black ooze being pumped out of him. He watched the black vile slime rise into the cylinder. “You are lucky to be alive.” A mechanical voice came from the ceiling. He descended slowly, his wires hanging out of his abdomen. His clicking Metal arms wiring as the gears, and motors moved underneath the flesh. “Jaseph, a few minutes more and you would’ve died. Of course Anya came with help.” Said the robotic monster as it snipped and cut at his flesh surgically sewing his cuts and plucking the stingers left by the mirn bugs. “Thank you.” A weak and weary Jaseph whispered; his head still spinning from the poisonous stings. “It is my place to serve the house, now hush and rest; you’ll be good as new in the morning, sight watch over you.”

Jaseph awoke a day after that with a stern look from Anya’s parents. “You should have known to not drag our perfect little girl down to that horrid cave! Just look at yourself! That could’ve happened to her.” Shrieked the red headed woman as her green arms shook at the bed rails in fury. “You both could’ve died. You know that don’t you?” Her eyes burrowed into jaseph very core, He couldn’t meet her eyes. She was right. “Now Amera,” a slender tall red haired man spoke to Amera in a calming voice. “They are mere children, we should’ve told them about the cave.” Amera’s rage cooled, momentarily and she looked at her husband. “You really think he should get off that easily, Gerald? He nearly killed your daughter!” She exclaimed at him.

Jaseph could tell Gerald was angry with him. “Don’t worry he’s not going to get off the hook, but yelling at him won’t solve anything either.” The doctor descended to them from the operation table. “Your daughter is fine.” The Necross hissed. “Now, please if you are going to cause any more disruptions for the patient leave.” It said and clicked its large scissor like hands together. Amera glared at the robotic creature and replied lividly “Don’t you dare order me, filthy Necross. Why don’t you do the whole Dominion a favor and crawl back to your grave?” With that she stormed out of the building.

“Sir, I didn’t mean.” Gerald interrupted. “I know who had the idea; she’s just like her mother. Be that as it may, you should really learn when to say no.” His face grew sterner causing the Necross to flinch as it started weaving the skin on his abdomen together. “Your mother is in her room balling her eyes out. She doesn’t want to lose you.”

A few days later Jaseph was out of the sick house, though he was still relatively sore from the surgery.  He and Anya were in house lock down until their parents found a suitable punishment, though were having trouble deciding on which would be more degrading; it was going to be ditch digging or worm hunting. Jaseph thrummed his finger in an anxious worry. Atlas he could hear the sweet footsteps coming up the stairs, the decider of his fate.

His mother didn’t even bother to look him in the face.  The shame was almost too much to bear and Jaseph could see this in her face. “Not one boy, not one; in over eight hundred years did something as foolish as you did that day.” She stuttered out trying to hold back tears. “I am so glad you’re alive but, you don’t know what you’ve just happened.” She paused and walked out the door.

Two men, a Negal and a Tentakas walked toward the boy. “We are trainer’s Myzak and Norifer.” Hissed the reptile as it looked him over. “You and your friend are now initiates of the Shield and Sword program. You are the first under fourteen in the last nine hundred and fifty years.” Finishing the statement the aquatic took its webbed hand and placed it on Jaseph’s face. “A human I see. So rare,” It smiled and Jaseph pushed his hand away. He frowned and asked sarcastically “Have you never seen a blind man before?”  Jaseph then apologized “I’m sorry master; I did not mean to offend.” He bowed graciously and the fish smiled. “Respect for the elders as well. You would do well to keep those reminders. The galaxy is a dangerous place you know.”

“I am to go with you then?” asked Jaseph nervously and Norifer nodded. “Yes, we are giving you twenty minutes; that’s twenty minutes to pack, kiss your mother goodbye, and hopefully say hello to your father next time you see him.”  Jaseph hated that. Tenkass are noted throughout the galaxy as being punctual and orderly.

Myzak eyed Jaseph and tilted his reptilian head, licking one side with his twisted forked tongue. “Ayesha! Quickly!” the lizard barked.   Jaseph got out of bed with wobbly knees, still weak from the poison.  The aquatic looked bored, and goring tired. “Just go say goodbye to your mother, I’ll pack for you.” It stated with a frustrated hiss.  It suddenly grabbed bags off the wall and neatly started packing clothes, bandages, medication, and other knickknacks that Jason had.

Jaseph walked through the curved metal corridors, and into the dining room. His mother sat at the end of the table, eating in silence. “You’re leaving then?” she asked in a cold, almost ambient tone. She didn’t want to accept that her son was going to war. “I don’t have a choice.”He spoke timidly. Something cracked insider her, and she slammed the table “you don’t have a choice? You didn’t have a choice to ignore Anya? You’re telling me you didn’t have a choice not to enter the cave of trials? Jaseph Aztar don’t you ever tell me you never had a choice about any of this!” She calmed down, and began eating a slice of cake and the servants around her eyed her and started whispering. One of them mentioned “Jaseph”. He turned red in frustration and in anger, stormed out of the hall.  He didn’t want to think about her. ‘How dare she? My pride was at stake.’ He said to himself in his head.

“You and your friend are packed.” Myzak stated. He walked at a quickened pace “We need to hurry off world, both of you quickly to the Ship port.”  The lizard said as he quickened pace.  They soon arrived at the star pad at the end of the field. The low hum of an incoming ship grew louder as it retracted its solar sails and they saw the landing gear slide out from underneath the hull. The sleds made contact with the concrete in a loud “Thump.”

The gears clanked and steam shouts out into the decks as they climbed into the cockpit of the small vessel.  Its hull dusted with sand from the great Nierachak desert, and the electronics seemed to frizz and crackle every step of the way. The way to the bridge was through a small leather corridor on the left. It was just big enough for them to squeeze through and get a last look at their home as they ascended.


© 2012 Nickzilla617

Author's Note

lots of gramatic errors, but alot of this is alien language

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