A Screenplay by Nigaiyuki

Just something that I cut while making the 2nd Chapter of Magic Made in Heaven...

*When Hiroto recovered from Keiko's intense lightning attack, he planned a prank on Kiyoshi...*
Hiroto: *stands up* *smiles darkly*
Kiyoshi: *standing next to Yumi, who was lying down*
Hiroto: Hey Kiyoshi, remember the baseball game that our school had when we had
our sports fest?
Kiyoshi: Yes...
Hiroto: Remember that pitch Daichi-senpai did?
Kiyoshi: *turns around to look at him blankly*
Hiroto: Like...THIS! *throws a fireball at him*
Kiyoshi: *catches the fireball with his right hand* *quickly forms his hands into that of an archer holding his bow* *shoots it back to Hiroto*
Hiroto: *got hit in the face* *rapidly wipes his face with his hand*
Ryuuji: *chuckles* He got you good... You should've seen your face when you got hit.
Yumi: *stand up beside Kiyoshi* HAHAHA! YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING NOW DID YA!!!
Kiyoshi: *crosses his arms* You've got some nerve attacking me like that.
Hiroto: *face becomes disappointed* *then quickly threw another fireball*
Kiyoshi: *moves a little to the left (away from Yumi)*
Yumi: *gets hit with Hiroto's fireball* *dark aura surrounds her body* You've got some guts.................
Hiroto: Hey! I was aiming for Kiyoshi!!!
Yumi: *goes up to Hiroto* Kiyoshi 2 feet away from me... *grabs Hiroto's collar* *shakes him hard and fast* YOU THINK THAT THAT THING WAS FUNNY?!
Hiroto: *hair was all messed up* *dizzy* All right... I'm sorry!!!
Keiko: Great, we just got into the dorms and they already fought...
Ryuuji: *nods in agreement* I think I'll hang around with you guys more often...

© 2012 Nigaiyuki

Author's Note

Tell me what you think... (If it's a little short or there are parts that you don't like or anything)
I'll also accept some suggestions for the next chapter and the other chapters to come... :3

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Um... Can I suggest something?
Umm... since this year for literary students is focusing in plays... I got to know the difference between screenplays and stageplays... I know this is a screenplay but I guess it lacks something to be one...
You've to enclose the movements for wryly~()
And you've to add the setting and be elaborate about it and separate the scenes with numbers...
I'm just suggesting it.... Sorry

Posted 11 Years Ago


11 Years Ago

Oh okay... I see now... I'll try to do that when I do my next screenplay.
And don't worry, I g.. read more
Rhianne Ney

11 Years Ago

You're welcome, i'm glad to be able to help

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Added on September 28, 2012
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