CHAPTER 1: New School Year and New Student?!

CHAPTER 1: New School Year and New Student?!

A Chapter by Nigaiyuki

First chapter of my first book, Magic Made in Heaven. :3

Another year has started... I can't believe it.
I'm Keiko Fujihara, a second-year high school student at Fukuda Magical Academy.
I became a student here last year and it was a great experience. I met a lot of friends and I get along with everyone just fine. Here in our world,there are humans and there are people like us. We are mages. I have the power to control lightning. I haven't really mastered my magical powers yet but I know I will get the hang if this someday.

Well, I was on my way to the classroom, but then someone hugged me from behind.
"Keiko! Good morning!"

It was my best friend, Naomi Sasaki. She always has a habit of getting too close to people. She was the first person I met here in the academy. We're in the same class too.
She is a wind mage. Despite her cheerful and sweet personality, it gets really nasty when she gets angry.

I answered back to her, "Good morning to you too, Naomi."

"Isn't it a great day today? I bet we're going to get a lot of new students this year. What do you think?"

"I don't really know, Naomi. Maybe you're right.But I think the school is the same no matter how many more new students come here."

Naomi walked to the door in front of our classroom and looked back at me. "Oh Keiko, you should learn to be more appreciative and sensitive of all the things around you. You never know, this may be an interesting year for you."
By the end of her sentence, she smiled at me and went inside the classroom.

I was standing there like an idiot. Those words, they were going on over and over inside my head. What could she mean by that. I sighed and then went inside the classroom too.

I got to see all of my old friends again. Yumi Shimizu, a mage that is faster than light itself. Hiroto Nishimura, a strong fire mage. Kiyoshi Endo, a mage who is a master in archery. And there are a whole lot more students that are in my class that I haven't seen for so long.

I was so happy to see each and every one of them. We talked and caught up with each other until our teacher, Akiko Hayata came in. We greeted her "good morning" and she said,
"All right everyone. Time to take your seats. We have a new student for this class. I hope you'll all treat him well."

A tall guy with black hair comes in. Almost all the girls giggled and squealed. I'll admit that he's good-looking. He looked like a nice and cool guy.

"I'm Ryuuji Igarashi. It's nice to meet you all."

After he introduced himself, almost all the girls squealed with glee again. I wasn't one of those girls of course. I looked at him. And in my point of view, he looked like a strong mage that was tough to beat. And he must be very serious about his powers.

Ms. Hayata assigned him to the seat in front of me. When he took his seat, I tapped his shoulder and said, "Hey, it's nice to meet you Igarashi. I'm Keiko Fujihara, but you can call me Keiko."

He stared at me for a while, then he answered, "It's nice to meet you... Keiko."

He seemed very nice. He's not like other guys that act all tough and are full of themselves. That made me relieved.

Two classes have passed. Igarashi is really annoying me! Every ten to fifteen minutes he kept looking at me. I don't even know why! I just tried to ignored him and I thought that he would stop, but he didn't.
He just kept doing it.

I really couldn't take his looks at me so I tapped his shoulder and I asked him, "Hey, why were you looking at me like that?!"
He didn't answer, he just faced in front and looked at our board.

I started to think of conclusions. Some are so weird that it could never be possible even in our world. I stopped cause it was getting me nowhere. I just had to deal with it until lunch break.
When lunch break came, I ate with Naomi at the rooftop. It's the place where we always eat. The classroom was too noisy and so was the dining hall and we're haven't been given our dorms yet so up here is perfect.

I was stabbing my chopsticks into my omelet.Naomi noticed me doing it.
"Keiko, are you okay? It looks like you're going to murder your omelet."

"Yeah, I'm fine." I stared at my omelet that has been broken off to tiny bits because of my stabbing. I shouted out "It's because of that stupid Igarashi!"

Naomi looked at me with a confused face. "The new student? What did he do to you?"

I told her the whole thing that happened between me and Igarashi during classes. As I was telling her the story, sparks of my electricity appeared throughout my body. When I was finished talking, Naomi giggled.

It's either she knows something or she thinks that the thing that happened to me was funny. "What is it?"

Naomi just smiled and said, "Nothing... Let's just eat."

After eating, we walked back to our classroom. But, he bumped into Igarashi. I was still furious with him so I asked him in a moderately loud voice, "Why were you looking at me like that during classes?!"

Igarashi stayed silent. He stared at me with his lush, cold green eyes and then he reached his arm out and got something that was entangled in my hair. He showed the thing he got. It was the tag that I got form the dry cleaners! I forgot to take it off again!

He said to me as her was giving me the tag, "Here, you should inspect your uniform next time, you know. Don't be such a reckless girl."
After his words, he went back inside the classroom.
I was steaming with embarrassment. And I even thought of weird conclusions about Igarashi too, I felt so stupid.

Now I realized that Igarashi wasn't the only one who saw my dry cleaners' tag. A whole lot of other people saw me with it too. When I was walking down the hallway earlier, a lot of people looked at me, specifically the tag entangled in my hair. I was standing there in front of the classroom, paralyzed.

Naomi broke my silence,
"Hey, It happens all the time! But Igarashi-kun is right you know, you shouldn't be so reckless..."

"You should've told me that there was a tag in my hair!"

"I wanted to tell you but, I thought it's better that you realize it yourself."

I pinched Naomi's cheeks. "You still should have just told me!"
After that, I went inside and sat in my seat. Igarashi was already sitting in his seat. I was too embarrassed to speak to him.
The classes went on and hours passed. The time came when classes were finally over and we were all dismissed.

I finally got the courage to talk to Igarashi. "Igarashi, I just want to apologize about shouting at you a little earlier."
He just stared at me and he finally answered, "It's alright... Call me Ryuuji by the way. I think we get along fine anyway." He reached his hand out to me.
I shook his reached out hand. "Ryuuji it is."

The first day of the new school year in the academy turned to be a good day after all. It did embarrass me a little but, I got to meet a new friend: Ryuuji.

© 2012 Nigaiyuki

Author's Note

Please review... Thank you very much :3
I hope you all like it.

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I like it and its theme... Is this a fanfic about an anime?

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

No... I just made this myself... Not very good with fanfics :3
I'm glad you like it...
Rhianne Ney

10 Years Ago

I'm too engrossed with fanfics that when I started posting books I was shocked that I've been writin.. read more
always about school life... once again; good job...

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thank you very much! BTW, I want to see your writing next time okay???
I'm looking forward to .. read more
this was great i going to read the second chapter, but i really enjoyed it. FYI your better at writting then me.:)

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thanks. I really love you're writing too you know. It has an interesting flare that makes me want to.. read more
Well, now I really want to read more, could have elaborated on the people better (aka descriptions, characteristicts, etc...) but overall it sounds cool and I want to learn about the Academy & all the magic wielders there, especially since it sounds like the makings of an anime;)

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thank you very much... :3 I'm glad you liked it.
The second chapter is coming out soon... Stil.. read more
It's a good start but I think t you mention too many chareacters and instead of telling us what the characters are like, show us. Also you don't have to tell us that her friend can control the winds because i think we got that when you told us what kind of mage she is. Ryujji seems like an interesting character. ^^

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thank you for your review... I'll edit the wind mage part :3
And don't worry, this is just the.. read more

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