CHAPTER 3: Tutoring After Classes

CHAPTER 3: Tutoring After Classes

A Chapter by Nigaiyuki

MMIH has already reached the 3rd chapter...! This chapter has a slight love scene... I just hope you'll all like it!

Well, everything has been going fine today. That is... Until Ms. Hayata gave us our lesson on the types of magic. All about the weaknesses of each type, where it originated, the famous mages that used it and all that. My head was spinning. I was never good in memorizing any of those stuff... Even if I read my book several times.
During our break, I asked Naomi if she could just tutor me about our lesson.
"I'd love to..." she said to me, "But I can't... I'm pretty busy with the paperwork at the council and I still have a few jobs to finish. I'm very sorry, Keiko." she apologized.

I was very disappointed. Naomi was one of the top students in our class. She was my friend and I really was counting on her help. "No, It's alright. I think I can find another way," I said to her.
As I was sitting on my chair, Ryuuji looked back at me. "Is there something wrong?" he said.
"Well, it's about our lecture today. I couldn't understand a thing! I'm not very good with memorizing you know." I answered.

Ryuuji was just staring at me. I got a little irritated. "You know, if you're going to say something just say it... You don't have to stare at me like that." I said to him.
Ryuuji blinked his eyes at me. After that he put a kind of devious smirk on his face. "Would... You like me tutor you?" he said.
I was surprised to what he just said. "Really?! You're serious about tutoring me?!" I said, surprised and overjoyed at the same time. Ryuuji just nodded. He said that he's quite good at those kinds of stuff. And he'd be happy to tutor me. "Hiroto and Kiyoshi both have overtime training, so I have nothing to do... You can come by our dorm later after class." He said to me.
"Sure. Thank you very much by the way!!!" I said while I shook his hand.

Then, after hours of classes and training sessions, It's already time for dismissal. I was part of the cleaning group for today so I did my job first. Ryuuji went to his dorm. After I was done cleaning, I went to my dorm first and changed my clothes and then I went to Ryuuji's dorm.
I knocked on the door and Ryuuji opened it for me. "What took you so long?" he said.
"Sorry about that. I had a cleaning duty." I said to him.
Ryuuji let me in. Surprisingly, the boy's dorm is really clean. I imagined it to be filthy with all the clothes laying around and things just sitting there.

Ryuuji sat down on the floor and put his book on the low, round coffee table. I was too busy admiring the place that I didn't notice him sitting down. "Hey, are you going to sit down or what?" He asked me. I blushed bright red. I wasn't paying attention at all. "Sorry, sorry..." I apologized. Then we began our tutoring. Ryuuji was really good at this sort of thing. He first told me short stories about each type of magic. He told me the setting which was where it originated and the characters which were the mages that used that kind of magic. His stories were very interesting so I didn't get bored.

After a few hours, we decided to take a break. "I'll go prepare us some tea and some cake." Ryuuji said to me. I nodded and he went to their mini kitchen at the farther side of the room. I looked around and saw all of the guys' stuff... I lay my head on the coffee table like some kid and hummed a simple tune that randomly came in my head. I kept humming and humming and I didn't notice that Ryuuji was sitting right beside me, just staring at me like I'm some kind kind of idiot.

I suddenly noticed him and I quickly pulled my head up. "Y-you should've told me you were...RIGHT THERE!" I said angrily at him, while blushing a bright red. He just handed me my cup of tea. He patted my head and I steamed even more. "You do the most random and childish things... It's surprising that you are considered a high school student." He smirked. I was so angry by what he said, that I tried to push him down while sitting. But Ryuuji caught my hands and tried to do the same. Ryuuji was very strong. He was gripping and pushing my hands really hard.

I did the same. I'm not letting that guy defeat me! "You're so mean!" I shouted to Ryuuji. He just smiled "At least I'm not a child like you are!" He shouted back. After that, because of Ryuuji's strength, he pushed me flat on the floor. But there was a problem... HE WAS ON TOP OF ME! I didn't realize the situation I was in, but then after 30 seconds, I did. I steamed and turned red all over. Sparks were going around my body again. Ryuuji was just staring at me when Hiroto, Kiyoshi and Yumi came in bringing a bunch of bags filled with food.

They all saw our position. And they dropped everything that they were holding. Ryuuji and I stood up. "What just happened?" Kiyoshi-kun asked, keeping his voice moderate.

"Yeah! WHAT HAPPENED?!" Hiroshi shouted out to both of us. Yumi-san shook her head. "I thought you two were studying?!" She also shouted.
I tried to explain what happened but I didn't know what just happened myself. But then Ryuuji asked the three of them to sit down so that he can explain everything through dinner.
The three sat down quietly. I cleared out all of the books and notebooks and they put all the food they bought on the table.

We started eating and while we were eating. Ryuuji and I explained to them what happened. Yumi-san bumped my shoulder and said "Wrestling huh?" She stared at me with an expression that tells me that she didn't believe our story at all. "Seems like a likely story..." Kiyoshi-kun said. Hiroto looked like he didn't believe our story either. "Hmph... It looked like you two were getting very comfortable." he said with food in his mouth.

Anyway, we all enjoyed our dinner. I washed the dishes with Yumi and Ryuuji. I looked at Ryuuji. His hair was all frizzled because Hiroto was messing it up in the middle of our meal. When we were both lying like that, I saw his green eyes. I then had a funny feeling inside and sparks going all over my body as I held the plate. I really didn't know what happened to me back there.

Oh well... I'll try to forget it, but that's not going to happen.

© 2012 Nigaiyuki

Author's Note

Thank you very much for reading.
Please tell me what you think :3

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Awkward, wrestling??? Haha soooo funny indeed, loved the steamy element *she just can't stop blushing* Plus their yelling turning into something else... EPIC!!! :)

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Hahaha... Thank you! Please look forward to the other chapters!!!

10 Years Ago

No problem and can't wait for the next one ;p
I saw a slight tint of romance... besides that, good story though...
PS:I liked the pert where they were getting comfortable

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thanks! Glad you liked it Xcess... ^_^
*dying from laughing!!!*
God this is so funny and it was cute!! The book is going amazing!! Keep writing it!!! ^^

Posted 10 Years Ago


10 Years Ago

Thank you very much... Chapter 4 is going to be out soon...!
Anonymous Girl

10 Years Ago

You're welcome! Will wait for it! :)

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