I am a Feminist

I am a Feminist

A Poem by Noting Society

I’m sick and tired of the word “feminism” being an insult

I’m tired of ignorant people shunning me and hating me

Because I’m a feminist.

And I’m proud to be a feminist.

I’m not a man hater

And I don’t burn my bras.

Big shocker! I know.  

But for some reason people seem to believe

That extremist define an entire movement.

To say that feminism is about women’s rights when in reality its equal rights.


Feminism is against sexism

This includes sexism towards men as much as women.

And don’t tell me that sexism doesn't exist anymore.

Because I know people who have been victim shamed

And told that being raped was there fault

Because there skirt was “too small.”

And I know men who have raped and are told that they obviously wanted it.

Because all men want is “SEX”.   

I know men who are shunned because they’re not “masculine” enough?

And I am a women who is told that I have to be “lady like”

Whatever that’s supposed to mean.

I’m tired of boundaries between sexes.

I’m tired of being told I can’t.

I’m tired of people who are obviously feminist being too scared to stand up

And say I’m a feminist!

© 2015 Noting Society

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I'm of the persuasion that I'm human and amongst others of complete equality, I struggle to comprehend that males or females could be "better" or "lesser" than one another - such things do not concern me, it all so . . . petty, no, primative.

I tend to ignore masculinity, feminism, and all other forms of power, for I hold a firm standpoint upon the individual, and of individual nature; gender and other such things are of such trivial import regarding this. Equality plays a role in individualism and its ethic yes, but it's from the perspective that one places onself first, and regards all others as equal secondary import. Selfish? Indeed, but as vessels of experiencing life, if one cannot comprehend and attune ones to own means of perceiving and existing, how then is one to increase and advance one's own interior essence?

I sidetrack from the point. I understand your points, I do, and it's indeed surprising that in this age a large amount of the population fail to demolish their atavistic belief system . . . one can only fight for one's own ambition.

All the best.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on May 14, 2015
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Noting Society
Noting Society

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