A Poem by Numb

I never really understood

why it was me he wanted.

He did horrible things

made my life seem haunted.


He never made sense to me

what did I do to him?

What was it that made

him want my life so grim?


Was it my grades?

Was it how I acted?

Whenever he talked

I tried to not get distracted.


It all started when

my daddy lost his job.

He and my mommy would fight

and it would make me sob.


But this isn't about her

it is about me.

It is about how I

failed to become free.


I fear I do not

have long to explain.

If my daddy finds out

for me there will be pain.


My daddy used to love me

love me a lot he did.

But now when he sees me

he wants me rid.


My daddy hurts me

every day I'm alive.

It gets really hard

but I have to strive.


My daddy abuses me

almost every night.

I do not rebel

I just sit there in fright.


Then one night

while in blankets I was draped.

He scarred me for life

cause there I was raped.


I was ten years old

I had known better.

I had nothing to do

there was no escape letter.


So for two years

I let my daddy rape me.

I would have to be silent

and keep in my plea.


My plea for him

to just leave me alone.

For my daddy was king

and I was his thrown.


When you have the same

amount of authority as I

No one believes what you say

they say it is a lie.


So no one believed

what my daddy had done.

He said it was a game

a game I played for fun.


 Since I told you all this

 tomorrow I will be dead.

But I just want to say thanks

to all of you who read.

© 2010 Numb

Author's Note

Written when I was 13; when I used to rhyme.


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This was really good, a little twisted in the ending about having to die, but still very well written in my opinion. It rhymed, but didn't rhym and it all added to together very beautiful. I'm kind of actually shocked that I'm the only one on here so far that has left a comment.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on October 7, 2010
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