Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by OfficialTheresa

            “She’ll survive. Poor thing. I wonder who would do such an awful thing to just a small child! We managed to stitch up the cut at the sides of her face and bandaged her head. It’s recovering nicely and wouldn’t leave a noticeable scar on her eyes. With a little makeup, the stitches are covered. She’ll probably be able to open her eyes again. It’s just that she would only see darkness…” a sickly sweet voice rang and resounded in the barren room. I despise the hospital and the nurses. They sound like they care so much, but I’m still just another patient. Another one to heal.

            Every small pore in my body is sore. I only saw an endless hue of different shades of black. My attempt to sit up just ended a failure. The pain in my eye was not exactly painful, just a dull throb that acted more like a nuisance.

            “Don’t move, sweetie. It would just make the hospital stay longer…not that I’d mind, but�"” The nurse kept rambling on as I kept blocking the high pitch out. The poor air must’ve had a broken leg from this nurse’s too quick and high voice. I cocked my head slightly to the side. I wish I could see all the pastures again. I knew I wouldn’t be able to. I don’t know what’s worse, not being able to see the sapphire blue rivers and cotton white clouds or getting heartbroken endless times. Locked from the world, or be a broken doll.

            “�"you’ll be in rehabilitation with my nephew. He’s about your age. Eighteen. He’ll help you get around, I’m sure�"” Dang. I didn’t block out that part…wait, rehabilitation? Why do I need that? Surely my state isn’t that bad! My mind was a jumbled mess in shambles.

            “When?” One small word I whispered out. It was gentle and soft. I almost didn’t think that she heard it. Of course, I could be wrong…

            “When?” She repeated me with an unsure voice. Hesitantly, I whispered once again. It was hard. I am almost scared of her answer.

            “When…am I going to…rehabilitation…with that…boy?” I choked out. I swear that my voice cracked multiple times. My stomach was piling up with the nervous butterflies. I didn’t want to come near a boy, let alone let him be with me everywhere and living in the same house! That was just insane. I don’t want to be near anybody just to be broken once again. I thought that I wouldn’t have to deal with this again…I guess I was wrong. Enthralled within my thoughts, I almost didn’t hear her answer.

            “In about a week. Your eyes are still healing. Oh! That just reminded me…” I felt a layer of bandaging leaving my throbbing eyes. My skin breathed in the new supply of oxygen.

            “Open your eyes, honey.” I couldn’t help but gasp as my eyelids rose. It was unbearably uncomfortable. A soft feeling came to my eyes and my eyelids fluttered as it welcomed the pleasant feeling. There is amazing technology these days. They can heal every scar and leave a welcoming feeling. Too bad there is no cure to loneliness. I heard a faint voice saying that the healing process was done, but I dozed into an uneventful slumber. I can feel my head tilting to the side and my body resting its sore limbs.

            “Hey Alexander, doesn’t our baby look so adorable?” a tired mother called out to her husband. The mother’s long streaks of silky strands of hair cascaded into a stunning deluge. Her smile curved into a faint smile as the young baby held onto her finger as if it was the infant’s lifeline.

            “What will my princess’s name be, shall I ask?” A young man of about 30 came within the room, muddy from a long trip back from the barn.

            “I seldom thought about that, but I believe Destiny could be her name. Destiny…” the last part came out as a silent whisper of the wind. Smiling brightly, the mother knew that her life was coming to an end. One last look at her beautiful daughter who had the hair of the sun and the eyes of the emeralds and grass. The baby led her into pure exhaustion and she could feel her body shutting down, but the young baby was worth her life. Silently, she leaned in to the young girl’s father and gave a peck in the lips, savoring the moment. Lying back down, she hugged the small bundle and closed her eyes, deteriorating into a peaceful, unfathomable sleep. A sleep that she never woke up from again.

            “Mother!” I screamed from my parched throat. Beads of sweat trickled down my neck as my eyes flew open only to see more interminable darkness. The scene played over and over again as I heard a faint click of an opening door. I could tell that it was dark outside. I knew there were stars glittering and shimmering with a small ounce of hope that I could watch them once more. But I won’t. I can’t.

            Days passed and soon a week had ended. Slowly, I shifted my weight to my right foot with my backpack slung over my pale shoulder. I could hear the nurse knocking at a door of which the smell lingers around. I could smell the fresh scent of redwood. I loved redwood trees. Gently but surely, the door creaked open. A masculine voice mumbled quietly as he was engaged in a small talk with the nurse. I tried to make out the words said. No such luck.

            “Come on in! I won’t bite,” the boy said in a gentle, soothing tone. I found a rough calloused hand touch mine. Something made me want to stay and hang on to his arm forever, but another side wanted to run away and never come back. It told me not to have any more bonds. It was afraid of this feeling. And so was I.

            “Oh, and it wasn’t nice to eavesdrop.” My face flushed at that added comment. I swiftly looked away. It was a simple reaction to hide my shame. I was getting slightly irritated, knowing that he was smirking in a proud, arrogant way.

            “It wasn’t nice to stare,” I said the first thing that came to mind. I said it in a pouty whining voice. I admittedly didn’t know if he was or not. I crossed my fingers in hope that he was, indeed, staring.

            “I am not! I was just, you know, I�"” I almost laughed at his futile attempt to deny the fact. The sound of sweet sincere laughter rang graciously into my ears which were straining to listen to the rich sound. I could feel something coming up my throat. My mouth automatically opened to release this feeling and I could hear myself laughing. I could feel my heart lifting in a way that I didn’t believe was possible. I can’t deny that the feeling felt deliciously satisfying. I leaned into the wonderful sound, hoping for comfort from this aberrant world. Hoping for…love?

© 2011 OfficialTheresa

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very well done with chapter one. a few technical errors here and there but no biggie.
i enjoyed the lifting of the mood at the end. i literally smiled reading that this girl was now laughing and hopeful. =)

Posted 13 Years Ago

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My name is Theresa. I am thirteen (January 28, 1998) years old. I love stories that are action/adventure, a bit of romance, books with a serene setting, sad beginnings, and happy endings. I absolut.. more..

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