Journal entry #21

Journal entry #21

A Story by Toney Vega

Story specially made for a contest of one of my friends.


  It's stuffy down here, living underground with the rats and other creatures of the night.  We were forced down here however after They took over the surface world.  Our name is John, and we are quite sure that this will be our last journal entry for it appears that They have nearly found where we are hiding.  So before They find us we will try to leave something behind for someone else to find. 


  They are faceless, in fact we're not even sure if they are human at all, but what we do know is that They came and tried to kill us.  We were a farmer once before, before all of this happened.  Back in those days we had a different vocabulary.  We forgot the word exactly, but there was some other word we used to call ourself before it was outlawed when They arrived. 


  They are the rulers of the cosmos, the kings who bring to us wealth and knowledge, but They are also evil.  It was about five years ago when They first came claiming to want to share information with us, but that was our mistake in trusting Them.  Once They fused Their systems with ours, that's when They made Their move.  Using weapons that were literally out of this world, They destroyed entire cities in mere seconds, vaporized countrysides in a matter of minutes, and entire countries fell within hours.  It was the single greatest decline that We had ever seen and it was all Their fault. 


  Dust from the cealing falls on us as Their machines pound the ground hard searching for our hiding place.  We don't really mind the conditions down here, they aren't as bad as the housing conditions They've provided for us. 


  In those places the cold, blank walls match the color and material of the floor...metal.  We can't tell you how many countless hours we've spent scrubbing and disenfecting Their floors and Their walls.  Always the same routine, wake up at 0800 hours, report to room 0551 for sanatization, report to room 0552 for our dressings, DO NOT ENTER room 0553, that was Sir's quarters where he oversaw all the action we did.  After dressings report to auditorium for daily education (by that he meant forcing us to believe that They are our rulers and without Them we would live in the dark ages.  Also we were all one, no one person was greater than the other, we all were person).  Then we were assigned our duties and we worked until supper and lights out.


  We never saw much of Sky back then.  They always told us it was a boring thing that didn't really matter to our existence, but we begged to differ.  We saw Sky twice in our life, once by accident.  We were sneaking out of our quarters one day and after successfully making it to the outside we saw it!  It was vast and beautiful and seemed like it'd go on forever.  It started to hurt us after a while of staring at it, but the beating They gave us for sneaking out to look at Sky was worth it for us.  The second time was when we escaped with some friends who said that They were wrong and we weren't being treated right.  We escaped during Dark Sky so that They couldn't see us very well, but Dark Sky was still as wonderful as Sky was.  We remember taking one last look at Sky before we hid down here by ourself.  We wonder if our friends were captured by Them when they tried to rescue others.  We were told to stay here and keep the place safe, but we're worried about them.  Maybe we should go and see if they are okay...

© 2008 Toney Vega

Author's Note

Toney Vega
i might be writing a sequel for this, I might not. It all really depends on how you guys like it and if I have time to.

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Added on August 18, 2008
Last Updated on August 18, 2008


Toney Vega
Toney Vega

Richmond, VA

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