A Poem by AiH

They say school is a safe environment

Designed to enrich children in academics that will benefit them as adults

They preach individuality and personal acceptance

They pride themselves in taking care of their students saying

That a student’s mental health is more important than grade


But if that’s the case than why am I taught the Pythagorean  Theorem

Instead of self-love

Why am I told this test is worth 30% of my final grade

Instead of my worth is more than my GPA


Is it healthy to see the word in black and white?

In dashes, numbers and symbols instead of color and wonder

Why am I told that I need to have good grades to succeed in life?

Why am I told that my C isn’t good enough even when I tried my best?


I walk around these a hall in agony

My mind spilling out equations and vocabulary words like

An overflown bathtub

Leaking red water onto the tile floor


They lie when they say they care about us

They don’t

They care about payment plans and checks

Grade point averages and percentages


My scarred wrists and red eyes are meant to be covered up because

They are a distraction to the learning environment

“It’s not that deep” they say, “It’s just a test”

But if it’s just a test why do I spend hours on end

Trying to perfect my sentences and locate what x equals?

If it’s not that deep why do I feel like I’m nothing more than a walking text book


I lost myself in school, in grades, in numbers

I lost who I was and who I am

My eyes ooze MLA formats instead of tears

My skin is painted with pencil marks and pen streaked palms

Instead of freckles or beauty marks


Who am I without grades defining me?

Who am I without my high GPA and test scores?

I am no one and

Instead of being taught to learn

I was taught how to memorize and

Instead of being taught integrity and honesty

I was taught how to cheat and scam


Because honesty gets you no where and

Integrity leaves you with low scores

And I’d rather be a cheater with a high GPA

Than live honestly with a low percentage


I know how this sounds


But when the world you live in

Values your grades on paper and

The way you format your essay

More than your peace of mind

You are forced to become something you’re not


Because the schools don’t care about me

Or you

To them we are nothing but machines

Designed to memorize functions and spit them back out


We must not show creativity

We must not be individuals

We must conform

We must obey

Because the worst thing you can have in life

Is low test scores




© 2017 AiH

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here's a good news, you have won 3rd place in any type of poetry contest! congrats!!!

Posted 4 Years Ago

I liked the message conveyed cleverly in this poem. The words you used are very apt and witty. Truly a very clever write I really liked it.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Haha, that's what a brilliant student feels as...
But your heart speaks something listen to it no matter what world says..If you succeed they clap at you....
Be on your way face struggles and you will be you...
I dont think a paper can judge a person...
I honestly loved your words....:)

Posted 4 Years Ago

i dont have words. just so beautiful and relatable. i dont know if you wrote this poem in someone else's point of view or yours, but i think this poem came out from your heart. i am going through this thing too. i can understand. just try to be yourself and someday, everything will be ok. by the way, dont stop writing, you seriously have the talenet.

Posted 4 Years Ago


4 Years Ago

Thank you so much! This is just how I feel about school , it really does come from the heart. I feel.. read more

4 Years Ago

No problem! I feel the same way as you do, that is the reason I reviewed. As I said before, just kee.. read more

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A Poem by AiH