Passive Voice

Passive Voice

A Poem by John Alexander McFadyen

We stand by and watch.


Fascist intentions,

right wing bully-boys

marching us to war

with our neighbour.

Europe is doomed and

the streets are aflame,

a capitalist inferno

burns deeper than

Dante dared dream.

Bi polar,


splitting the differences

between us

does not demean us

as  a by product

of nationalism

and suppression.

No, it is our death,

from state control

and keeping

morality in check


Stop radical Islam

and any other radical


known to man.

It is a putrid poison

to eradicate the deformed,

the sick and the weak

and the gay.

Kill off all diseases,

kill off the rain forests,

let Google and Microsoft,

Facebook and WhatsApp

harvest our parts,

our thoughts,

habits and desires,

and use them to feed us

more gluttony

and brainwash us

into everlasting


So what do we do?

Stand well back

of course,


of our own





© 2019 John Alexander McFadyen

Author's Note

John Alexander McFadyen

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I can't keep my mouth shut if I think that groups are being targeted. Extremism in all its forms either right or left wing is dangerous. We all know where that can lead, especially in current times with the Internet where hatred spreads like a wild fire. I don't ever want to be accused of standing by and saying nothing. Apathy is dangerous. Thought provoking write. You are very quiet, so guess you are still in Croatia having a lovely holiday.


Posted 2 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

2 Months Ago

You are of course right Chris. Back from Croatia but this is an exceptionally busy week as my son is.. read more
Christine Anne Shaw

2 Months Ago

Enjoy your son's visit John. Methinks your wife might be keeping you busy :))
This is why I write shallow nonsensical (& hopefully funny) most of the time. I can't hope to emulate writers like you who have something deep & complex to say, & you write it powerfully with raw nerves exposed. I can't begin to express myself about what a fucked-up direction this world is headed, so I take another whiff of laughing gas & try not to write (or even FEEL) as intensely as this (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 2 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

2 Months Ago

Ah but Margie the suicide rate in the world would quadruple if there was no light hearted writing!
Individually, yes, but try as I can I feel no overall sympathy for mankind
Profit comes before common sense, and then there is religion!!!!
We are sadly flawed
I am much more concerned about the effect we have on every other species and their inability to address our every shortcoming
The Amazon burns, the Arctic is melting,(something else to spark conflict) scientists keep warning, ground is still fracked, trees are still hacked and 3 billion fewer birds now exist.
Difficult to be optimistic
for my grandchildren's sake, hope I am wrong

Posted 2 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

2 Months Ago

I ahree Dave, so jard to know what is what. Many thanks.
it is difficult to stand by and watch. It's difficult also to fight, knowing it will take a lot out of us.
I think it's important to use our voices as much as possible. We have a lot to fight for. Gender equality and recognition, sexual orientation, race and religion... so many prejudices to be removed. We need people to lead people and speak for people. Regardless of how those people look, who they love, what god they worship.

Posted 2 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

2 Months Ago

Can't argue with any of that Edie. Many thanks.
mmmmmmmm lots of spirited social commentary my friend ... are you feeling any better? :)))))))))) my initial reaction is that ...we humans are not that weak .. some are of course .. and some are hateful bullies ... but truth be told it is one of the most brash expressions of cowardice to "prey" on the weak ... your poem paints with a wide brush stroke ..reminiscent of horrors and atrocities throughout History ... a statement in itself i guess ... bad news sells :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( natural rhythm to your poem John .. the fire is felt start to stop ...

Posted 2 Months Ago

Great song and true words written John. Many places in the USA. Hate is alive and well. I miss the days of when religion was your business and sex preference was your business. Our leaders need to quit fighting each other and fix the problems. Thank you my friend for sharing your honest words.

Posted 2 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

2 Months Ago

Agreed Coyote John but can we trust our leaders? Many thanks.
Coyote Poetry

2 Months Ago

You are right and you are welcome John.
I have a distinct feeling that things are out of our hands at this point. It isn't a nice thing to ponder, but the machine that runs human civilization is much more powerful than the individual at this point.

The idea of a replay of the French Revolution or some similar scenario seems to end at only one possible point. The tools they have at their disposal are much stronger now. And I don't think that the machinery is beyond making the common man out to be the villain in order to justify the means to an end. The jailing and profiling of protestors whose voices counter the prevailing narrative is one example that I find troubling.

We live in challenging times. Being good to our neighbors, trying to serve our communities and planting trees may be some of the best things we can do to make the world move forward. This is a thoughtful poem, John. As ever. Your poetry is always ripe with ideas. I enjoy that aspect of your work.

Posted 2 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

2 Months Ago

Thank you Eilis for such a considered comment.
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A list of truths, and truth is not always beautiful.

We should all duck and cover ...

Excellent work, John!

Posted 2 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

2 Months Ago

Indeed we need to beware DAH but get out there and man the barricades! Many thanks.

2 Months Ago

My pleasure!
something to ponder on, really intriguing....

Posted 2 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

2 Months Ago

Ah to ponder at leisure and consider all things is a joy to be savoured. Many thank yous Kesch.

2 Months Ago

not a problem sir
W. B. Yeats: "The center will not hold."

Posted 2 Months Ago

John Alexander McFadyen

2 Months Ago

Only money and power work and even they are on shifting sands! Thank you Tom.

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John Alexander McFadyen
John Alexander McFadyen

Brixworth, England, United Kingdom

Well, have a long and complicated story and started it as an autobiography on Bebo but got writer's block/memory fogging. People liked it though and kept asking for the next chapter! fools.. more..


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