A Poem by Chloe..Across the Universe

Locked in a box
No way out
Nails breaking
Fingers bleeding 
Head throbbing
Mind Screaming
Heart pounding
Mouth dry
Lungs bursting
Gasping - air
Looking - light
Dying inside
Afraid outside
In-a-box -Jack
Wind me up 
Faster please
Where is the key
Where is the key
To sanity
Is only a state of 
The key

*Munch- "Scream".. he painted this after seeing me early one morning on first awakening- he kept that a secret- (joking of course)

© 2011 Chloe..Across the Universe

Author's Note

Chloe..Across the Universe
nonsense and gibberish a dash of anxiety a hint of our world

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The painting and the poem fit one another perfectly. Although in my opinion the poem is more palatable. I like this sort of style and the sense of breathlessness that comes with the pace thickens the theme in itself. Rapid-fire lines and snapshot imagery also warms up the recipe of instability and confusion. And the kind of ambivalent conclusion brings out a discerning idea of insolubility. Leaves you asking "What is sanity?", which is a question I think we all should ask ourselves (at least once a day)...

Posted 8 Years Ago

That is an odd picture to use as a prompt...and it certainly prompted an odd poem..Without the picture, the poem would be "nonsense and gibberish"
But the picture is of pure anxiety..and so the poem works

Posted 8 Years Ago

"She puts on the lotion and puts it in the basket",
sweet gibberish fluttering overhead...
nice clawing nail breaking poetry to soothe and relax us...lol

Posted 8 Years Ago

It's funny how pleasant gibberish is when floating from a strangers tongue. I especially like the lines, "To sanity Is only a state of m-i-n-d b-e-n-d-i-n-g" Makes me smile! Very fun :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

It allows you to explore each of our own hidden chambers as we get a peek at yours. The haunting which firmly grips your words here absorbs into our thought pattern as we read into the jungle. It begged for us readers to find out more about you as a writer and what makes you tick to be able to have such lines.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Bending the key, LOL...Mind bending hard enough where you can only claim insanity..I've seen insanity quite a bit. I can feel the steam and powerful full force ahead. Like this Chole, this is wonderful, not gibberish at all.

Posted 9 Years Ago

i love the action description... Its just enough to create a beautiful image around. Awesome write

Posted 9 Years Ago

Breathe ~

frenzied , frantic - fantastc !

Posted 9 Years Ago

Love where this took me.. great scribe

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Chloe..Across the Universe
Chloe..Across the Universe

Smalltown, USA, AR

Sometimes i feel like an alien in a strange land..can you relate? I love people and friends are just that to me , friends-if you request me as a friend it would be nice if you read something I have .. more..