Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by Emily Pazienza

Yeah... this chapter will probably be confusing, but I'll explain everything in the next chapter...


As I walked down the overly lit hallway that I knew so well, the usual sense of boredom came over me. I looked to my right and left noting the numbers on the doors lining either side of the narrow hall. Not that I needed to check the numbers, since I had walked down this hallway countless times before. The only nearby sound that I could hear was the repeated clomp of my vans high-tops on the tiled floor in time to my blaring music emerging from my iPod speakers along with the occasional crack of my 5 gum. The lack of noise was not uncalled for being that it was 9 AM on a Sunday morning. Normally at this time everyone was either out of their rooms or completely hung-over due to the usual weekend parties.


                I continued to glance at the doors along the seemingly never-ending hallway, looking for a certain room. When I finally found the one I was looking for. A plain wooden door with a small golden plate near the top reading the overly familiar number, 273B. I yanked one of the ear buds out of my ear, swiped my key card over the scanner, and pushed open the door.


"what up hair jell" I said nonchalantly while dropping onto the couch directly in front of me and cracking my gum. I glanced at the boy I was greeting as I threw my legs over one arm of the couch, leant my back against the other arm, and threw my hands behind my head. He was in his usual position on his bed; feet up towards the head, and his head hanging off the end. His name was Jessie and he was a pretty good looking 23-year old, with blonde hair that was, of course, lathered with hair jell. He was naturally blonde but he did dye black streaks in his hair that were about the same color as my short-ish hair. The hair jell was in place to make it seem spiky, but not like a Mohawk. He had bright blue eyes with a splash of green and heavy eyelashes. He was fairly tall with high cheekbones and pale skin.


"Sup kiddo" he replied, using his new nickname for me, which I despised, while he rolled off his bed and preceded to lean against the wall next to his bed. He liked to tease my for my age, due to me being 6 years younger than him. His area/room was in the shape of a square with a 5 foot opening leading to a hallway/entranceway containing the entrance to the room, the couch I was currently occupying and a coffee table. There was also, a door to the bathroom/washroom and a folding door which opens to his closet. As for his room, well, it was a mess. When people say that teenage boys are messy, they don’t JUST mean teenage boys, they mean all boys, or men for that matter. His bed looked completely slept in, he had empty pizza boxes and random piles of dirty clothes on the floor, and candy wrappers littered everywhere. The only thing that was actually neat was his stacks of video games orderly piled in the corner of his room. Along with the entranceway and his "room", there was also a kitchen which was hardly ever used except for the fridge and pantry which was filled with some of the best foods known to man: various types of Doritos, cheese puffs, soda, Oreos, and cheese in a can. A may be a girl, but I do have the same food tastes as a guy. Leading off of the kitchen, and entranceway was another "room" just like Jessie's. He never had a roommate (which is unusual), so I had to do a double take when I saw a boy not older than Jessie with a small empty suitcase lying open on the floor nearby, standing in the otherwise unoccupied room.


"Oh yeah! I forgot to introduce you.” exclaimed Jessie suddenly, "Ash, this is my new roommate, Chris Markley, and, Chris, this is the pain-in-the-a*s stalker I told you about; Ashley. It's a pretty stupid na-"


"Just 'Ash' is fine" I interjected, then turned to the new kid and cracked my gum "So, you’re the new kid, huh? Sucks that you got put in with such a d********g like Jess"


"Well, he's not that bad." he chuckled. I shrugged and looked the kid over. He looked to be about 20, younger than even Jessie, who was one of the younger boys here. He was defiantly shorter than Jessie, but he wasn't "short". His face looked almost symmetrical except for a long jagged scar running on the left side of his face, starting just above his eyebrow, continuing down to his jaw line. His eyes were deep brown, placed right above his high cheekbones. His skin was deeper than Jessie’s but not olive-toned like mine was. His hair was the same length as Jessie's (not long, but not buzzed; ending at about the top of the ear) but was brown with what appeared to be blonde highlights. Also different than Jessie's, his hair seemed to be tousled, instead of jelled, but it was defiantly styled. The only thing really out of the ordinary about this kid was his clothes. Unlike Jessie, this kid seemed to actually CARE about his appearance, whereas Jessie was Mr. Stereotypical teenage boy. The kind of kid who would pick a random shirt off the ground, smell it, and if it doesn't smell too nasty, would throw it on. No. This kid seemed to actually be, well, into fashion. I myself wasn't that into fashion but it doesn't take a complete rich snob to notice his jacket. His Marc Jacobs jacket which was matching perfectly with his red skinnies and casual Salvatore Ferragamo shoes (which I only recognized 'cause Jacob, some rich snob, was always flaunting his in everyones face).The only other things notable were his large golden Gucci watch on his right hand, and a seemingly ordinary Bluetooth device in his left ear. Other than that, was his t-shirt that he was wearing underneath of his extremely expensive jacket. The shirt seemed very ordinary and out of place, but, strangely, it was the last thing I had noticed.


"You a 'Blink' fan?" I asked, gesturing to his Blink-182 shirt which stuck out like a sore thumb amidst all of the designer brands.


"Huh? Oh, yeah. I am. Most people say that their too old of a band, but I still think that their one of the greatest and most influential bands out there" he replied after his initial surprise of my comment about his tee instead of his expensive clothes.


"Yeah, yeah! Music, talking, blah, blah, blah WHATEVER! Yeah, so as I mentioned before, Chris is my new roommate and will be indefinitely. Or at least for however long can stand me before demanding to switch rooms." joked Jessie "Okay, so, Chris has been in lots of other places like this so he knows how it works, and I've heard that he isn't half bad. Actually, I've heard that he's pretty good. Ummm, soo, Chris is 21; he first joined half way through his senior year in high school, and finished his education when he had time. He can, also, sorta play the guitar. He has two brothers who are younger than him who are twins. He is openly gay. And he is really weird 'cause he hates chocolate. I mean, COME ON! who hates chocolate? whats up-"


"And you’re okay with that?" I interrupted, even though I wasn't that surprised at Jessie's random nonchalance at some things and over excitement at others.


"I guess it IS kinda weird...” Jess started "I mean, you'd have to be pretty crazy to hate chocolate! Am I ri-"


"You know what I meant" I replied while cutting him off once again.


"What?" he blinked "Um, yeah... Why wouldn't I be? I'm not a jerk like Kye."


"Yeah, I've met Kyle, and, I kinda wish I hadn’t" added Chris.


"That's for sure" I chuckled while Jess burst out laughing.


                I stood up and stretched out my arms and turned towards Chris. "Nice meeting you Chris. I'm glad you're as d****e-y as Jess."


"Um, thanks...?" replied Chris quite unsure of the meaning of the statement, while Jessie was pretending to be offended.


"That was a compliment dimwit", I replied while I headed towards the door "I gotta get back and practice, 'cause I got a big game tomorrow. I only stopped by to see if Jessie had any news about the 'new kid', and apparently he did, so, see ya!"


                An echo of "see ya"s followed me as I exited the room. As the door swung shut behind me, I hesitated a moment before continuing back down the hallway. Maybe this new kid will finally break us out of out boring day-to-day rut. I smirked and cracked my gum, then I shoved the other iPod ear bud into my ear and started following the hallway back the way I had come, with my vans once again clopping to the beat of my music.

© 2011 Emily Pazienza

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Emily Pazienza
Emily Pazienza


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