The Songs, the Days

The Songs, the Days

A Poem by Tomislav Petricevic

Sing me a song

of happier times


Do you remember the days

when we lived our lives

not knowing what we held

not knowing what we'd lose?


I remember the past...


The vivid images flash by

as my pillow hums beneath

lying on my back

though I sleep reversed


Each night they keep me

staring into darkness


I'm obsessed with calculations

knowing words to be said

but I can't ever solve my own

and no one else has ever tried


I feel like I want to curse

but keep my integrity all the same

these f*****g depths are all around me

I cannot pull the words again


We created all this mess

and we just live in ignorance


I want to give up

and stop

and never try again

and never feel again

and never love again

and never see again

and never live again



I'm afflicted by our poison

sometimes I ask myself

if it will ever end

will you ever end?

will you ever



I have no reason to think

you ever will

my old friend

why did you return?


I don't like my lines

I'm smashing all my mirrors

and burning all the papers

nothing will remain

nothing ever does


And you

why are you still here


Can you sing at all?

stay if you can

do not turn away

that is all I need




Sing me a song

of these broken times


My broken truth

my broken will

my broken smile

my dead hopes.

© 2016 Tomislav Petricevic

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..*sings the goddamn song*

Posted 4 Years Ago

I remember those days too, just from a different side of things, as we don't live in the same place lol. times have certainly changed.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Added on August 22, 2016
Last Updated on August 22, 2016
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Tomislav Petricevic
Tomislav Petricevic

Slavonski Brod, Slavonija, Croatia

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