Would you like some tea?

Would you like some tea?

A Chapter by Hannavas R.

chapter 1


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Chapter 1: Would you like some tea?

Princess Lazette watched as the many palace soldiers and hired run about from her room. Of course she wanted to run away, go somewhere else and not be stuck in this Hell. She started to make a list of the things she wanted to do if she ever got away.

Number one was to steal a horse from the stables, she'd have to if she was going to make it ten feet out of the doors. Number two was to leave all her dresses to her sister to try and calm some of her anger. Anju was a feisty one alright. The third was to attend a pub. She had no idea what it meant or even what it was, she just knew that there was alcohol involved and she'd always wondered what it would be like to get drunk. For four she wanted to have a commoners job, work on a farm or in a mill, grow flowers, she didn't care she just wanted to be like everyone else. She also wanted to kiss a total stranger, right on the lips. Maybe fall in love and get to see the ocean and maybe go on an adventure.

The only thing that saddened her was the thought of leaving her brother and sister. She frowned a bit and, ignoring her manners, leaned over towards the desk and propped up and arm so she could cup her cheek in her hand. Her long brown, slightly curly hair rested against her arm. Her hazel eyes stared intently at her diary that she'd been furiously writing her dreams down in just a moment ago.

Lazette was the middle child, 16, her brother Ezra was the prince and 17, he was inline for the throne when he turned 18 or father passed away. Which ever came first. Anju was the youngest, she was nine and often visited the towns magician, Cain, even though she was advised not to.

Lazette was startled by the house's maid, Mirabella, “Princess Lazette? Would you like some tea?” Mirabella said as she held a tray of with a filled up tea pot, empty tea cup, milk, sugar, and honey.

“Mirabella she doesn't look like she wants tea...” said a younger voice. Princess Anju was standing behind Mirabella with a creepy looking doll, she had a black gown on, her white hair was pulled back in a messy french braid and her brown eyes with a tint of red in them looked up at Mirabella, “Could you leave the room Mirabella? I would like to have a word with my big sister.”

Prince Ezra waited for Mirabella to make her rounds around the castle while he sat in a red cushioned chair in his study, bored. He was neglecting his readings and he didn't really even care.

Mirabella knocked on Ezra's study door, “Is there anything you need my lord?”

“Food, entertainment, a concubine perhaps.” Ezra giggled behind the door, “Cancel that last order, oh and your allowed to enter.”

Mirabella opened the door and bowed to the young lord, “What would you like to eat my lord? And for your entertainment would a horse ride satisfy that?” she asks politely, even though she was obviously staring at his dark, thick hair.

He stare at her for a moment with his intense blue eyes, her dark skin contrasted so well with her maid uniform, “Our Southern Sethi Sushi today and a horse ride will be fine as long as I have someone to accompany me, even if its just you, no offense.”

“I understand.” She bowed once more and set a tray of tea next to him and filled up the cup before leaving to go to the kitchen. She told the chef to make Ezra sushi and not in the Sethian style. He looked at her with an eyebrow arched knowing that Ezra never takes his sushi not in Sethian style. He let out of a sigh and shook his brown head, “You're going to get yourself in a lot of trouble, and maybe even me if I do this Mirabella.”

She giggled and then walked dutifully out of the large kitchen and down the hall until she was out of the castle, she then proceeded to the stables. They weren't new and but they deffinately weren't run down. She looked at one of the short dwarfs, he had blond hair and radiant green eyes and a thick build, though most of it wasn't from fat.

“I need you to prepare two horse's for young lord Ezra and another for his party. In fact I was wondering if perhaps you wondering if you would go on the ride with him?”

The dwarf looked up at Mirabella after he started to saddle up the prince's horse, his eyes were round with shock. “I would be honored to,” he spoke in a deep voice.

“Great, thank you very much.” Mirabella said before beginning to walk back into the castle.

Ezra put his hardback book down, 'What's the point of history anyway, it's so boring.' he thought to himself. He cleared his annoyed mind and then his table for lunch. His father didn't like it when he ate in his room but he didn't like eating a lone in a giant dinning hall in the middle of the afternoon.

“My Lord your lunch has been prepared.” she says as she knocks on the door.

I raise from my seat once more and open the door for her and welcome her inside as I gaze at her lovely chestnut skin.

She sat the sushi down on my desk and placed chopsticks next to the plate. She then bowed to me and left. I watched Mirabella leave as I slowly started to pick up my chopsticks and eat another lonely meal.

This story was taken from a Role-playing adventure that I was apart of. The original is on the android mobile application called Story-Writers. This story would not be possible without Briana, RubyMoon, The_Real_Songo, LadyKagome, I'll Be Your Mind's Creativity!, and myself (PinkFetell). Note: This does have added material from myself.

© 2014 Hannavas R.

Author's Note

Hannavas R.
what do you think of the dialogue? this is something new for me and i need to make sure that it flows nicely from one character to the next.

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