Love vs Lust

Love vs Lust

A Poem by Praiser

This battle between Love vs sex and Lust 

Love                                          Lust 

Word play                                  Aggression to kill 

Punchline with knowledge           Unorthodox wit hate 

Schemes with wisdom                Style of a bully 

Performance for truth                 word play for lies 

Message                                    Freestyle 

Prophet of Delivery                    Punch line from Hell                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Freestyle                                   Devil

God                                          Demons the Legion 

Jesus is lord 

Lust)1 Verse 

I'm hear to satisfy your won'ts

If there A need 

I do one night stands affairs 

And break up marriage 

I'm a picnic for quickie 

Because making love 

Takes too long

Since love is looking for interviews

I got time to get know you 

So if you want romance pull down your clothes 

And tell sex he is my husband 

And lust is your wife 

Love ain't no diva 

Sex is like Hollywood 

Giving temptation a new contract for evil 

Lust is stepping up the revolution 

I got y'all in a strip club 

Looking for lap dance 

We don't have time to slow drag anymore 

Now Put a ring on these words 

Love is for y'all hypocrites 

Church goers and believers 

They say do you have a  credit card 

I said its call sex

Love)1 Verse

Sex want die for you but I will 

I don't have to hide behind lust 

To spread rumors about your feeling 

I'm more then joy I'm unconditional 

I'm to romantic 

Sometimes I bring gifts 

With love letters with Poems 

Written on the Petals of A flower 

Yes I take my time and listen 

Because without hearing you to 


I bring more than just three letters 

I bring one word Love  

Lust say he is gay 

And sex say he's lesbian

Then Suicide is bisexual to death

If we got our clothes out closet

Then why the generation is coming out confused

When Love is really God 

Being a fool without Wisdom

Is just A beat that never drum the Heart 

By Fredrick Pennix Praiser the Show-Off Worshiper

© 2015 Praiser

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Added on July 31, 2015
Last Updated on August 5, 2015



Lynchburge, VA

I write for God an I dance for him My group mime is call prodigious My hip hop Gospel group is movers and shakers , my Minstery name is Praiser the Show-off Worshiper more..