What the world dont see

What the world dont see

A Poem by Praiser

It does matter who is President there not one who has grave the Bible and said this is how I would run this world by his will buy his way because my choices never in agreement to be right against his word. When we can see the Government is not for the people when everything else can go up except your wages sin has showing selfish, money hungry prideful, cowards for power to brain wash people to not be equal to provide for their Families. When Health care should be free like Switzerland and Singapore. What rights does the constitution speak for a gift that you have, to play doctor because you went to college and the Bible was not their book for the body. Just opinion no Prayer no word from God that's what men say that's killing us. Every President done put in their darkness for this world but when Bill Clinton started it off in 1996 Then Obama signed the legislation For the same sex marriage. That gave Satan a better chance to keep his Portals holes open for his demons to come through more often, can you all see why this Gay agenda and bisexual is pushing our young youth to give this world more darkness. The Antichrist is Gay The Bible said it shall have no desire for A woman Daniel 11:37-38 but himself of any God. Then that tell you, he wants himself as man but no women. If that is not Gay,then tell another lie he was born that way, when every thing is a choice to do right or wrong, we all have done wrong. Who said why are you judging me if sharing God true is what we suppose to do. because what we doing is bring him back to destroy world, then we are not doing enough to get him to come to bless this world.

© 2020 Praiser

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Added on February 24, 2020
Last Updated on February 24, 2020



Lynchburge, VA

I write for God an I dance for him My group mime is call prodigious My hip hop Gospel group is movers and shakers , my Minstery name is Praiser the Show-off Worshiper more..