Will i ever see my family again?

Will i ever see my family again?

A Story by Ralph Stanczuk

Steve, a family man wakes up in a unknown place. Cold, and scary; with no memories from the past few days. Will he survive?


I was awoken by the sound of bats scattering around, i felt a bad pain in the back of my head and had no clue where i was or what has happened. It was dark and cold, you could tell there was no one around. I couldn't see a thing, as i searched my pocket for a source of light. After searching through all the junk in my pockets, i finally found my lighter. The smallest flame from the lighter didn't do much, so i found some leaves and paper from my pocket. I made a fire, which turned out to be a big one; "lucky i went to boy scouts!" I said in my head, trying to make myself laugh in a situation like this. The fire quickly lit up the pitch black room i was in, and come to find out; i was in a cave. "Cave?" I thought to myself, where the hell am i!

 My name is Steve and i own a bar in Pennsylvania, well at least if i remember correctly; because the last thing i remember was being at my daughters birthday party a few days ago. I was worried more about my family than i did myself, worried about where they are and what they are doing.

 I felt weak in my knees, and it was colder than ever, but i wasn't going to die here, i have a family to get home to. I looked around the cave, very carefully because i remember watching a show last week about survival and the types of creatures that could be living in caves. I found nothing, there's only one big cave entrance in the middle of a rock mountain and the only way out is up, or down.

There isn't much i could do right now, since it's night and all. So i just layed there, thinking about my family and thinking about why i am here. Eventually i fell asleep, and woke up in pain from sleeping on this hard rock bottom. I was starving, and the only thing i had to eat was a piece of gum but i knew i couldn't just give up already. I've never rock climbed before, but i knew it was the only way out. The top didn't look too far up, but it looked like a struggle.

I tied my shoes tight, made sure my shorts were good and slowly made my way out. First foot out to the left, and i already almost slip. My heart pounding, my hands getting sweaty and all i can think about is holding my daughter. I slowly and steadily made my way up the mountain side, foot by foot. It had to be at least 30minutes now, well at least it felt like it. When i finally made it to the top, i swung my right foot up because i had no strength to pull myself up. I finally rolled over at the top, and just layed there for about 5minutes regaining my breath and stanima. I must have been really losing it at this point, because i started seeing my family's faces in the clouds. Seeing there faces got me up off of that ground, and back on my feet. I looked around and saw nothing, no signs, no roads, just trees.

I got to walking, no clue where i am heading but i knew it was the only thing to do. It's been about 3 hours now, and still nothing. My eyes lit up when i saw a river, i knew it wasn't healthy to drink that water; but i wouldn't survive without any. I had no clue if i could use this river to my advange or not, so i just followed the river down. Walking and walking, i felt as if this river was making me go out of my way. Until i saw something, it looked to be like a cabin of some sort. In relief, with the only strength i had left i ran as fast as i could to it and knocked on the wooden door. There was no answer, and no lights on. I didn't want to become a criminal, but man was i starving. I broke a window, and went into the house. I knew i had to hurry up just in case there was someone coming back or something. I took whatever food i could and took off, it wasn't until two more hours of walking i realized i could have just stayed there and used them for help; but at this point i was completely lost to go back now. two in a half hours now with no food or drinks left, that's when i got lucky and saw tire tracks. They looked fresh, well that's what i told myself to give myself some confidence. I followed these tracks for about 45 minutes and there it was, a long black paved road.

There i was again, having to walk because i am not the kind of man who just sits there for help to come to me. A few miles down the road is when i saw a big sign that said bed and breakfest 1.2miles ahead. I smiled out of relief, and kept on walking. It felt like i was walking forever, but i finally got to this place. There were very few cars outside, but a few is better than none! I ran inside like a mad man, and told the owner what has happened. He called the cops without even hesitating and they showed up half an hour later. When they arrived they asked me to come down to the station after going to the hospital and i was expecting that.

 The wait wasn't very long, but it felt long. I was sitting in the hospital bed when i saw the most beautiful face outside the room. I jumped out of bed and ran to them, my family. It was just like in the movies, a group hug. I kissed my wife over and over again, and looked at her with a smile on my face and said,"Boy do i have a story to tell you!" She smiled in relief and kissed him one more time, and the daughter looked at him,"I missed you daddy, don't leave me again daddy" She said.

"If it wasn't for you guys, i would never had made it; even when you guys aren't with me, you still are mentally."

© 2013 Ralph Stanczuk

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Added on July 13, 2013
Last Updated on July 13, 2013
Tags: family, love, daughter, pennylvania, scary, survival, woods, fight, courage, patience


Ralph Stanczuk
Ralph Stanczuk


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