Chapter 2: The Following

Chapter 2: The Following

A Chapter by Ras Fish

Meet Simon, Taylor's new second conscience, He is Twisted, Deadly, and very Evil, He makes her life take a turn for the worst but also for the best in some ways.

Taylor’s P.O.V.

I woke up to the chirping of the birds, my hair in my face. I brush it away as I pull myself up to look around. The room was a plain white, had a small t.v. and a bed. It looks like I was the only one sleeping her. Where is Jay I thought. I walked into the main room to see him sleeping on the couch his long mud brown hair in his face, I wanted to wake him up but I thought I could wake him up with food. I took a pan from a drawer after shuffling through several of them. I found some eggs and some bacon as well.

“Smells good babe.” I heard from behind me, his arms flung around my shoulders as he kissed my head.

“You’re awake,” I said.

“Yeah I guess you found out where everything is.” He Smiled.

“Yeah but honey why were you on the couch there was plenty of room on the bed?” I asked.

“I thought you might need the room.” He gave as his excuse.

“Okay.” I said sarcastically. The bacon was starting to burn so I plopped them down on a plate and placed the two eggs next to them. I handed him the plate.

“Wait what about you?” He investigated.

“I think I’ll just have some coffee.” I told him. I wasn’t very hungry but he insisted.

“I can’t eat all this help me out love.” He smirked.

“Fine but I’m not that hungry.” I murmured. He ignored my comment and I had one of his two bacon strips and he ate the rest eagerly.

“That was good,” He licked his lips his breath lingered with the smell of eggs.

“Go brush your teeth your breath smells bad,” I say, he laughs.

“Gee thanks Mom.” He jokes and walks to the bathroom.

“Why do you love him?”  I hear a weak voice behind me I spin around in fright to find nothing.

“Why do you care for him?” I heard the voice again.

“Where are you?” I questioned.

“Don’t be stupid Taylor”  The voiced lingered with hatred.

“What do you want?” I asked again.

“To know why are you talking to yourself?” Jay walked in.

“Oh nothing I was thinking about something and must have said it out loud.” I said.

“Why do you lie to him?”  I ignored the voice for a minute to talk to Jay.

“Your parents are probably worried sick right now you should probably get going.” Jay said, hugging me tightly.

“Yeah you’re right.” I kiss him and grab my phone of the kitchen counter.

“You can’t tell him about me, can you?”  I heard it again as I walked out and into the halls of the apartment building. I got into the elevator and prepared myself for the rainy walk home. At the second floor the door opened and there was a large woman waiting for the elevator.

“Close it! You don’t want to get crushed by her do you?”  I felt a heaviness on my hand as my hand hit the close door button before the woman could get in causing her to slam into the elevator doors.

“How did you-Why?” I stuttered, Fright overwhelmed me.

“She could have crushed you I saved you.”  

“No she wouldn’t she wasn’t that big.” I replied, the voice echoed in my head.

“You should be thankful for me doing so.”

“Why would I thank you for being an a*****e?” I said. The ring of the elevator told me that the doors were opening. I dash out and onto the street it was drenched and still showering, the streets littered with the homeless and kids my age smoking. I walked to my house and opened the door to see my mother pouting and my father trying to comfort her, I tried to sneak upstairs to my room but-

“Where have you been!?” My father yelled, his strong voice echoed through the hall.

“I slept over at Jade’s house cause it got dark and my phone died.” I lied.

“Really? You think I am that stupid? You were with Jay weren’t you?!” He was trying to intimidate me.

“No I was with Jade!” I yelled at him, He stumbled backwards unprepared and got ready to yell again but then my mom jumped in.

“We called Jade’s parents we know you weren’t there.”

“You were with Jay? Did he hurt you? Did you two have sex!?” He bombarded me with questions.

“Yeah I was with him and we did have sex!” I lied to aggravate him.

“You are grounded young woman!” They both yelled. I stomped upstairs and ran into my room slamming the door and throwing myself into my bed.

“Why do they care where you were?”

“They are a******s that’s why.” Tears flooded my pillow.

“Why don’t you stop them?”

“I can’t- who are you? Why are you here?” I asked the voice.

“I am your guide, I am Simon.”

“What do I do to stop them?” I asked him. Before he could answer my phone rang, It was Jay. I picked up.

“Hey babe are you okay?”  He asked sweetly.

“I am okay just met a new friend, But my parents found out I was at your apartment.” I said the tears made me stop every few words for breathe.

“That’s good and bad Have you been crying?” His voice showed concern.

“Yeah, but I’m fine.” I assured him.

“So here is why I really called, I wanted to know if you could move in with me?” He said. I could hear his happiness through the phone. It got silent as I thought I heard him take a deep breathe the suspense was killing him.

“Yes yes a thousand times yes!” I cried in shear happiness. I didn’t care anymore.

“Okay I will be seeing you on Saturday then hopefully you will be packed by then, I have to go bye I love you.” He said I could tell he was smiling by his tone.

“Love you too honey.”  He hung up and I thought.

“What about your parents?”

“I don’t know, please help me?” I begged Simon.

“I have one idea.”

“What is it? anything?” I begged harder.

“You must Kill them.”  His voice hardened I felt some feeling of being tapped into and persuaded.

“Hmmm, How?” I asked.

“I will do all the work.”

“Okay.” I said I spent the rest of the day sitting in my room  thinking about Simon and Living with Jay where did Simon come from why me how? Simon was quiet until midnight I heard him.

“Let’s go you have latex gloves right?”

“Yeah in the bathroom.” I whispered.

“Let us get them.”

I carefully walked down the stairs the shadows made it almost impossible to see ten feet in front of me I managed to stumble to the bathroom semi-quietly and get the latex gloves from a drawer. I put a jacket on and flipped up the hood so the shadows could cover my face.

“Ready to get your hands dirty?”

He sounded pleased like if I could see him he would be grinning almost laughing

“Yeah.” I Replied silently.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed our turkey knife my dad bought for thanksgiving the box said “Cuts through flesh like butter!” Lets hope it’s right. I stroll quietly downstairs to see my mother and father sleeping together peacefully. I think for a minute if I should do this I guess Simon understood and I felt him taking control of  my right arm everything felt like it was in slow motion the blade slashed through my fathers chest, My tears blurred my vision as he realised a scream of pain and blood moved with the blade I quickly stabbed him twice more in the chest. My mother woke up from the scream and screamed herself. I quickly began to thrust the blade into her the mix of flashing blood and steel, Twisting the blade puncturing her until it fell silent.

“Good work girl you’re a natural.”

His voice was so calm. I stuttered horrified from the experience, tears flow down my face.

“What do I do now? They're dead! You can’t fix this!”

“Sure I can.” He pulls me to upstairs to the back door goes to the outside and breaks the window.

“Now just ruff up the place and it’s a break in.” His voice sounded so calming.

“They're dead..” I repeated.

“Yeah, no s**t kid, let’s go.”  I tried my best to brush off the horrifying experience and began to pack to start my new life with Jay.

© 2012 Ras Fish

Author's Note

Ras Fish
Tell me what you think so far, like the characters? Simon? Taylor? Jay? how is my dialogue? please tell me so I can improve my writing, thank you

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