Chapter 3: The preparation

Chapter 3: The preparation

A Chapter by Ras Fish

Taylor begins the move with Jay, But will Simon Cause more problems and will the police catch on yet?

Chapter 3:
The preparation
Jay’s P.O.V.

I awoke to a knock on the door. “Must be her.” I thought. I ran to the door and opened it.

“Sir, Here is that package you’ve ordered.” The dirty teenage boy said non-enthusiastically.

“Thank you.” I snatched the package from his grubby hands and slammed the door.

I pulled out my set of keys and slashed open the package, It was that handgun I ordered last month it finally came now I could go shooting with my friends. I took a quick shower, changed, and did my morning routine in wait for Taylor. I finally hear a knock on the door I rush to answer as I see she let herself in, She was holding two suitcases and a purse.

I grabbed both her suitcases and she kissed me on the forehead.

“Thanks honey.” She smirked.

I brought them into my room but a smell lingered from her, a strange scent of flesh, I didn’t mind it though.

“Can I use your shower honey?” She walked in the doorway with a shirt and her underwear.

“You mean our shower and you don’t have to ask.” I replied with a charming smile.

She went into the bathroom and I heard the water churning through the pipes above us into the restroom. She quickly opened the door and threw the little she was wearing out of the door.  I opened her suitcases to help put things away I see some clothes her phone and a bag of dirty clothes with fresh blood on it, but I just thought Girls bleed. I thought and threw the plastic bag into the laundry room and sit on the couch for some television.

Taylor’s P.O.V.

I finished cleansing myself from what I have done, I brushed my teeth and took a good look at myself in the mirror and thought  No wonder Jay is in love with me. I see my imperfect smile and I hear him again.

“Cute.” He whispered, his voice burrowed deep in my brain.

“I think he just wants you for your body not for your personality.”

“Shut up Simon! He loves me for my personality!” I argued but I thought Has he ever told me why he loved me?


“You okay in there? Who’s Simon? New boyfriend?” He joked.

“No I was thinking and I guess I said it out loud.” I said.

“Okay so imaginary friend?” He laughed.

“I guess yeah.” I replied.

I wrapped the towel around my fairly thin waist and pulled it up over my chest, Opened the door, and went to get clothes. Jay looked stunned he has never seen me so bare he hasn’t seen past my knees.

“You had to wear the towel didn’t you.” He grinned.

“If you’re not quite this towel will be down your throat.” I challenged and he backed off.

He followed me until the door and I slammed it behind me leaving him there.

“Aw come on!” He whined.

“No shows tonight.” I laughed as he pouted behind the door.

“Tomorrow?” He questioned.

“Only if you’re good.” I lifted his spirits, I heard him jumping up and down.

I came out in above the knees short skinny jeans and a belly shirt.

“You like?” I asked him, we were standing so close together I felt like we would form into one person.

“I like.” He said. I giggled, my face blushing hot red.

He pulled me up against him and he kissed me I felt him wanting to add more to the kiss but I denied him and pulled away.

“Please?” He whispered.

“Another time.” I quietly said.

He moaned loudly, I laughed at him.

“I never get anything!” He turns away and sits on the couch. I walk behind him and sit next to him.

“What’s on TV?” I asked.

“It’s Monday shouldn’t you be at school?” He looked at me.

“Nah I am sick.” I grinned.

“Oh yeah you might need some medicine.” He said.

“Your love is enough medicine for me.” I kissed his lips.

“Okay tomorrow is school though I will get you to school and back.” He smiled, I pouted

“I don’t want to go to school!” I whined at him.

“You sound like me when I was ten” I put my head on his lap.

“What are we watching?” I asked, he looked down at me.

“Soccer.” He said.

“Okay.” He then ended up with him laying across the couch and me sitting on his lap.

I looked up at him to see he was asleep I went to sleep on him.

The next morning I opened my eyes the brightly colored room burned my sight .I noticed Jay was still asleep. I smiled and flipped myself over on top of him, I looked down at him sleeping peacefully. How should I wake him up? I asked myself before landing a kiss upon his lips he then opened his eyes then closing them again, He passionately kissed me back but I stopped and smirked down at him.

“I see you’re awake again.” I said happily.

“Thanks for the wake up call sunshine.” He laughed.

“Now let’s get you to school,” He smiled, my eyes begged him not to.

“Ugh I want to be with you though.” I moaned quietly.

“You need to go to school, you have all day after school to be with me.” His eyes begged me.

“Fine, but I still think that isn’t enough time.” I said and kissed his forehead.

© 2012 Ras Fish

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Ras Fish
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