is it snowing love?

is it snowing love?

A Poem by Artic the Fallen

It is sad when you forget how to talk. When you are so angry it seems like someone is stealing your ablility to breathe. You cannot talk, your voice is gone. It seems like you are dying.


You see it, that perfect face flash breifly when you blink. The face of your angel, your voice of reason. They try to stop you but you dont always listen. They try to stop you from doing something you will regret. You cannot take back what is said after all. It is always there haunting your mind.


And forgiveness it is so like the snow. It is never warm and it seldom comes at all.


How can you defend, if you have no voice? How can you surrender? Even you mind goes blank. You are screaming inside trying to find your voice. Can your scream be heard by anyone other than your angel? A guardian among other things. your angel will listen to your silent tears.


Throughout your life you will feel alone, but you aren't. You were screaming so loudly that you couldn't hear your angel.


Listen quietly... can you hear the snow falling? Your angel calling? Listen carefully to the snowflakes drifting to the earth.


Careful love, snow doesnt fall all that long. Anger might melt is before it can touch the ground.

© 2008 Artic the Fallen

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OMG I miss you for one and too I really needed to read that right now. This was perfect I have been feeling lost and this helped me out some. Love you girl

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on July 27, 2008


Artic the Fallen
Artic the Fallen

Bellingham, WA

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