The Scream Of Silence

The Scream Of Silence

A Story by BeautyFromPain

Two unlikey friendships. I based this upon me and bestfriend.

 Silence is the loudest scream. Quiet enough to be so very loud. A noise un-escapable in society. 

Being from a hostile childhood, Erika Duran is the loudest silent screamer. Her excessive quietness pierces through your eyes. Her eyes full of uneasy sightings. Her arms covered in bruises. She is indeed a powerful soul.
She has put up a barrier, protecting herself from all the “outsiders”.  Will anyone ever break this in-distortable barrier? 

Anne Johnson. She is one of the prettiest girls in school. Very popular among all of her peers.  She is the type of girl that everyone wants to be friends with. The type that would ask for a pencil and everyone would run desperately to her desk, hoping for a chance to be one that gives it to her first. A sight of hungry pack of dogs, running for their food.
Erika was nowhere near to being like her. Erika never really cared about fitting in. She only wanted to hide from everyone, avoiding all the criticism of her past. Everyone refers to her as the quiet girl in school. She lives on the phrase If you have nothing good to say, then say nothing at all.

Anne and Erika had Algebra together in period 4. Anne sat in the front of the classroom, with all the boys drooling over her. Erika sat in the back of the classroom with all the Goth kids.  Anne was a straight A+ student with a GPA of 4.7, while Erika was a Straight D- student with a GPA of 2.6. Anne had beautiful long blonde hair, Erika had short black hair. Anne was often seen with the popular kids in school, while Anne would usually been seen with the Goths, punks, and emos.
They seem to be from, two completely different worlds. Don’t judge a book, by its cover comes in.

Sometime in December while Erika, was texting in the hallway, she ran right into Anne. Anne didn’t pay too much attention to where she was walking either, because she had her head in a good book about Chemistry. They collide and drop their textbooks, all over the floor. They both yelp. They pick the scattered books up together, without even looking together. 

Erika gives her a sincere apology, “I’m so sorry!”

Anne laughs and replies, “Ha-ha, its fine don’t worry!”

As they collect each other’s books, they stand up together looking at each other.

Anne asks her a question, “Hey.. Erika right?”

Erika answers, “Yes.. We have Algebra period 4 together.”

Anne adds, “Oh yes! I never see you in class though.”

Erika responds, “It’s because I sit in the back of the classroom.”

Anne says surprised,“That’s why! I sit in the front, so no wonder I don’t see you! Silly me!”
Erika bows her head, looking at the ground. She’s very shy, especially how she is talking to one of the most popular girls in school. Anne puts her hand on Erika’s chin.

Anne laughs and smiles, “Ha-ha Erika, no need to be shy.”

Erika blushes with a grin and says, “That’s me.”

Anne takes out her hand, “I don’t I formally introduced myself. Like a real hello. I’m Anne Johnson.”

Erika shakes her hand and replies, “Yes, I know and I’m Erika Alonzo.”
They smile at each other. A couple of jocks from the football team walk past her, and yell to Anne, “Hey hot stuff!” Anne ignores and turns away.

Erika tells her, “That must be very annoying and uncomfortable for you.”

Anne nods and says, “It really is.”

Erika and Anne look at each other with uneasy face. The bell is about to ring in 1 minute.

Anne looks at her watch and says, “Oh my gosh, class will start in 1 minute! I can’t afford to be late for Biology!"

Erika shrugs her shoulders and says, “It really doesn’t matter to me. I usually skip, with some of the punk kids.”

Anne looks at Erika with her eyebrows up and replies “Wow. I could never do that. I excel in all my classes. I can’t afford to miss this one. My parents would kill me.”

Erika backs away and says ,“Hmm, suit yourself. Talk later then. See ya Anne!”

Anne waves goodbye and smiles saying, “Alright. See you Erika!”

They both go their separate ways. Anne goes to her Biology Honors class, while Erika cuts class with some of her punk friends.
Soon enough after about a week, Erika and Anne are best friends. Most of the students at school aren’t too happy about it. Especially Erika’s rocker cliques and Anne’s popular clique.  But they don’t let that ruin their friendship.

On Friday, Erika has a sleepover at her house with Anne. They play games and start to share secrets.
Anne asks, “Truth or Dare?”

Erika replies, “Hmmm dare!”

Anne demands,“I dare you to… lick the floor”

Erika shrugs her shoulders and succeeds in licking the floor.

Anne yells out and laughs, “Ew! Ha-ha-ha!”

Erika asks, “Okay, your turn. Truth or Dare?”

Anne answers, “Truth.”

Erika asks a very serious question, “What made you want to be best friends with me? We are from two different worlds. Not that I regret this friendship!

Anne’s smile disappears and she says, “Wow. What a question. Erika, just because we are very different doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be best friends. I love your personality. You’re funny, sweet, and trustworthy. I don’t regret anything either. I’m glad you’re my best friend..”

Erika begins to cry and sob.

Anne hugs her and asks, “Erika, what’s wrong?”

Erika answers, “Well, I’ve been hiding something from you. You are my best friend and I think you should know.”

Anne lets her go and puts her hands in her hands, and replies, “Please do best friend. I don’t want you to hurt.”

Erika pulls up her sleeves. Both of her arms are full of bruises. Anne’s eyes grow big and watery.  

Anne stutters on her words,“Eri-Er-Erika, what happened?”
Erika looks around and whispers, “I was beaten as a child very bad, Anne. I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you.”

Anne puts her hands, back in Erika's hands and replies, “It’s okay. I’m always here for you no matter what. Don’t ever forget that.”

Erika hugs her and says, “Thank you so much. You see the real me… No one else does.”
Anne and Erika have tears of joy together.

The girl that had the unbreakable barriers has been broken. Never judge a book by its cover. The one with the quietest are indeed the loudest. You never know what a person has gone through.

© 2011 BeautyFromPain

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It always feels wonderful to have that one person who truly understands and sees the "real" you that you normally hide from the world. Only 2 people really know me like this...know my inner secrets and problems, I don't trust many people with telling them who I truly am on the inside. It's difficult for me to open up to people, it's a tough wall to break with me, but I've been working on it. It's sometimes strange, looking back and inspecting and analyzing your important freindships and how they became that way.

Posted 8 Years Ago

WOW. That was a wounderful message. Great job

Posted 8 Years Ago

Hmm thats true. Thank you :]

Posted 8 Years Ago

That was amazing. The story writing could have been written better in a different form of view, but the message was so clear and true. I loved it.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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