Pale Blue Eyes

Pale Blue Eyes

A Poem by Richard Helbert

thinking of a moonlit night
those pale blue eyes that shine so bright
my darling girl has gone away
and im left without the words to say
so instead i close my eyes to pray
lord bring her back or just take me away

mere words cannot describe my hell
i yearn for her beautiful voice,her smile, her smell
the tendernessof her touch
its these little things i miss so much

lost, alone, in the dark
i just want to f*****g scream
hoping to wake from a dream
but its real and raw
and full of pain
fighting so hard just to maintain
i can only wonder why
all i do is think and cry
contemplating the ultimate cost
a pure love that is lost
maybe never to be found
a sick and twisted sound

there seems to be no escape
nothing more than a mental rape
a robbery of fate
my only hope is that its not to late
to find my treasure
my single source of pleasure
the girl with the pale blue eyes
an angel in a human disguise
my love, my heart
my forever
i never want our bond to sever

but its not my choice i have no control
this is what takes its toll
on the mind and heart
my darkened soul

i just want to fall into her arms and hold her tight
feel her warmth and never let go
do all i can to let her know
i never want to stop the fight
those pale blue eyes a heavenly sight
but there comes a time when you must say goodbye
only so many times you can really try
before you must accept your fate
the fact that you have lost your mate
but when do you say that its too late

i hope, i wish, i want, i pray
that i never have to see this day
but it looms like a shadow in my head
maybe i have made my bed

she holds the key to this
damnation or eternal bliss
wether a hero lives, or a coward dies
the answer lies
behind those magical pale blue eyes

© 2015 Richard Helbert

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I know what it feels like to love one that shined so bright. Almost like a dream that ones able to see them in their glory. I'm still grieving the loss of my "husband"- a silly sick joke. The poem inspired me. Micha.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This was so sad and lovely. I love the connection between the first and last lines. Especially noted
"my darling girl has gone away
and im left without the words to say
so instead i close my eyes to pray
lord bring her back or just take me away"
Your rhyme scheme is great. Well done!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on February 13, 2015
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Richard Helbert
Richard Helbert

appalachia, VA

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