Drowning in Self Pity

Drowning in Self Pity

A Poem by Richard Helbert

what do you do when your time is up,
the empty sound of a once full cup,
when all hope is lost,
much to late to think, at what cost,
want and desire has turned to regret,
the only goal is to try and forget,
free your mind and your a*s will follow,
the beat of the heart has turned so damn hollow,
is there any hope of redemption in that cold blank stare,
when it becomes apparent that you just don't care,
about anyone elses feelings and dreams,
only self pity or so it seems,
a prisoner of the human condition,
made to replay ever decision,
trying to decide where it all went wrong,
day after day the same sad song,
this attitude has driven anyone who cares away,
a sick soul who has lost their way,
lost never to be found again,
out of reach forever of all your fellow men,
there comes a time to do or die,
to laugh or cry,
to wonder why,
there is also a time when you have to shine,
when whats mine is yours and yours is mine,
a time to walk that thin straight line.

then there is the day you must admit,
when it just may be time to quit,
and realize that life has passed you by,
those twilight days when you must try,
to get ready for the long goodbye,
yes every dog has their day,
so many things left to say,
but there is no one left to hear,
confidence lost replaced by fear,
and the pain of a time gone by,
nothing left to do but lay down and die,
in the end all men share this fate,
its the one thing in which we can all relate,
yet no one wants to admit that there time is up,
that they have drained the life of that once full cup.

© 2015 Richard Helbert

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Added on February 14, 2015
Last Updated on February 14, 2015


Richard Helbert
Richard Helbert

appalachia, VA

I like to write, and I like to read. I write because its something I feel like I have to get out of me at times. I enjoy reading others work and opinions. more..