The Red Witch of Fall

The Red Witch of Fall

A Chapter by Richard Guimond

The initiation of a new soul, the fertilisation of a new order Into Mother Earth Wombs first of ''Improbable Seasons''


The Red Witch of Fall    by Richard Guimond ©2014


Sacrificial offering blood stains the tangerine Harvest Moon

Invisible but tangible ghostly winds combs the empty trees

On ignored insecure path, the steps of a lonely traveller

Like an empty stem cell, virginal, blank, unnamed soul

Inexperienced ephebe moving toward an unknown destiny

Deep in the woods, a secret gate, a cleft in Earth Mother's body

Penetrate the seminal soul toward the sacred Goddess womb

He moves thru narrow a humid tunnel, a slippery chthonian path

In deep darkness at first, then toward glittering, flickering light

Abruptly the tunnel ends on a surprising sight of hadesian nature

Gaia's womb, cave of titanesque proportions glistening with fire 

Thru it the Motherly Blood runs in an incandescent lava flow

Its pulsating fiery light echoes on the toothed cavern roof

From his high viewpoint, he sees his final dreaded destination

On the shores, of the fire blood lake, ruins of an immemorial manor

Crumbling dark castle, housing of forgotten memories of eons past Cycle

Taking the narrow trail, the white lad, walks his  way to the plutonian ovary

Over moat of melted stones of scarlet gleam a draw bridge of dead oaks

Lowered down by darkened bronze chains from Hephaestus forges

The ruins open its mouth like a beast ready to taste its foolish prey

Rusted iron fangs greet the visitor as the last spikes studded door is raised

Slowly he walks in under the colossal arch made of loosened stones

As any planned on medieval architecture, he accedes in the central court

There in the middle of the space, on a raised pedestal, a carve stone throne

Shaped as a sleeping cat, the worn out seat host a majestic sat figure

A lone female, the host of the place that rise to welcome the voyager

A long floating gown of black as the underground hellish darkness

Wrap the small figure pale body glowing with the sheen of death

In a round full moon face, eyes of electric blue cold as ice

A face framed by medusean live dead locks of celtic fiery red 

Flaming tentacular locks undulating in enchanted silent winds


Standing before him, She, the dreaded Red Witch of Fall,

From the sapphire gaze, he can't but been hypnotized

He feels the attraction, the vampiric needs of this singular hostess

Which with frozen silence, summoned the virgin soul by her sides

Promises of lust, her ruby lips propose to the innocent one

Promises of forbidden knowledge offer to the ignorant one

No one knows which of the two got bigger thirst to quench

Pulpous lips of red over ivory neck of pulsating artery

The vampires tenderly kiss to the young flesh before ripping it apart

As the daze blind the unfortunate boy trapped in carnal awe

As the fangs pierce the flesh the improbable happens to both surprised

No magic other then Nature one, physical law, you can't suck emptiness

But by the vacuum yourself fall attracted into by the void

In this battle for life between two thirsty egos Emptiness wins

Nothing to lose, all to gain to the initiate granted is the sacred λόγος

As all the feminine magic secrets to the young males are revealed

The new Prometheus stealing the Olympian Flames

Boy no more a man gathers his new found strength

As his adolescent body transforms, gaining bearded face

His innocence like a freed bird from his cage forever flew away

Golden mane grows to the new lion; muscles of steel to the new warrior

Magical warlock, now accessing the arcane of occult knowledge

Apollo adding the strings of Poetry to his bow, now a lyre

From a naive virgin raised the virility of an experimented lover  

As December lay over the weakening body of surrendered November

Mane of gold fade into silver and white as all around Hades freezes

Layers of compact crystals become fallen leaves imprisoning chains

As Winter's body forever draws Autumn's corpse into oblivion

The embrace tighten the Two melted in One, immobile solid ovoid s entity

© 2015 Richard Guimond

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to be followed by ''Geode''

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