The Pirate and The Princess

The Pirate and The Princess

A Story by C.N.Moore

A Poetic Story


Today I will tell you a story of old, one you may know but has never been told. We find ourselves following two young lovers of sort, a troubled young Princess, and a Pirate so swart. Our Princess she travels the world on a whim, searching for comfort to warm her within, always moving never settling down, heartache and loss seem to follow her around. Now our Pirate is a master of emotional disguise, is he as happy as he seems, or are his smiles just lies? Always afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, he’d quicker walk the plank as a means to just leave.

The Outback a favorite transient home, never staying too long, she’d rather roam, from beach to beach the next better than the last, can’t slow down now misery follows too fast. She pays her respects and gives her love, spreads her wings like the Golden Heart Dove. She’s on to the next new memories to make, forging lifelong bonds bound by an iron stake. Her royalty was born of her mothers will, much stronger than blood her entire body it fills. She’s true to the earth loving her mother so, as much as it pains her she remains on the go.

From port to port an emotional wave, its happened before a shattered heart that he gave, he asked that his treasure be protected from all, tattered and stitched it could not survive another fall. To protect what he felt most dearest of his, he’d run at all cost never looking back for this. Never has he been the kind of Pirate to lie, he speaks with his words yet talks with his eyes, a language he scribbles in scrawls while at sea, a language lost to many, only few may savvy.

It was the ninth month I recall.. the leaves were golden and red, our Princess just landed from another hell she had fled. Life at sea was a battle, impossible at best, to survive this battle was our our Pirates true test. The first time they met was no simple stroke of luck, fate had its hands in their lives, its blow it had struck. Setting sail for either was quite impossible you see, for both of their ships needed repairs before they could flee. The days became weeks, eventually months had passed, our Pirate and Princess formed a bond that would last. However one day their ships both set sail, in separate directions they both bid farewell.

Just like before the days ran away, in each others heart the other did stay, our Princess and Pirate sat alone each night, staring high at the sky on a single shared light. Until one day our Pirate knew, fighting what began he could no longer do, he set sail across the Seven Seas, leaving clues all over for his Princess to see. There was no passage to narrow no water too deep, determined to find her no matter how bleak. Just as all hope seemed lost, our Princess picked up a clue he had tossed. She knew it was from the Pirate she loved, a beautiful hand carved Golden Heart Dove. She remembered the story of love he had told, and the symbolic Heart Dove of Gold.

With hope now fueling her passionate fire, our Princess set out with a brand new desire, to hold her Pirate and never let go, where to begin.. she did not know. For he was like her never settling down, adventurer by heart, known all around. Quickly she began to ask all in sight, of the Pirate who told stories of love all so right. Often she’d get clues from a town, to find a dead end and a lonely frown. Determined however, she would not give up, she’d spend forever for just one more touch.

As most stories of Pirates tend to, our lover caught wind of a woman who… was searching for him, he knew it quite sure, when he learned she was collecting his hand carved Doves he left her. Retracing his steps he sailed day and night, no matter how dark or blindingly bright. Until one day he finally found, a beautiful Princess in a beautiful gown. As soon as he saw her he ran to his ship, grabbing what seemed to be treasure from his trip. Hastily now he hurried back in, she hadn’t a clue her back was to him. Without a word he let his gift go, a beautiful Golden Heart Dove now flow. Softly the bird land in front of his love, she thought to herself… my Golden Heart Dove…

No sooner had this thought settled in, our Princess turned with a smile at him, she ran as fast as she possibly could, she knew being in his arms would feel so good. Months had somehow turned to years, instantly our lovers were both in tears, our Princess now had a home to call hers, and our Pirate’s heart was safe, he was sure. Traveling never slowed down for them, for home was beside their most dearest friend. And best friends they were to the end of their flames, sailing the world together.. ’till their final days.

© 2011 C.N.Moore

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Added on March 12, 2011
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