My Heart Still Beats Strong For You

My Heart Still Beats Strong For You

A Poem by C.N.Moore

It seems like yesterday we had only just met,

I was yours from the start I just didn't know it yet.

Thoughts of you filled my head every moment of every day,

I've always wanted whats best for you in every which way.

You left and weren't sure if you were coming back,

I thought your life would be easier if my bags I would just pack.

With tears like rivers flowing full and fierce I left you to be,

swearing myself to you if you came back a free woman to me.

Now you find me at a time in my life when I do not know myself,

An unstable man broken down with my heart lost on the shelf.

Yet these thoughts of you, so pure so true they never once have strayed,

I've missed you more, the tears they fell - with every lost day.

I swore to me, a silent vow, I'd never make you choose between he and I.

I know I never told you this, but this burden was only mine.

The pain I caused in you and I - was unbearable this I know,

now time has passed you've returned to me and I will proudly keep my vow.

These miles between us seem so endless most nights I do not sleep,

I lay in bed and think of ways to hasten my return to where I need be.

I cut cash here save more there, three months can seem so long,

but I'll save it all I won't spend a dime I will be home it won't be long.

When first we met I was but a boy unable to use my words,

today the man that loves you so would take on the entire world.

If it meant that just for a moment longer the smile that he loves would show,

even just for a moment �" a spec in time �" for that spec he can make grow.

From this second here, this second now - you will know my love is true,

for I will spend the rest of time falling even more in love with you.

This heart I hold close to my chest has been yours now for years,

its black and blue tattered but true and no longer holds those fears.

The foolish choices it made as a boy has ripped and torn it apart,

its mended pieces stitched together could have been avoided from the start.

Had it spoken up and not assumed your fate, a mistake it won't repeat,

for after a life of love it gives, in the next life again we'll meet.

After years of pain so well deserved, this heart again beats true,

through all the pain and all the wonder �" my heart still beats strong for you.

© 2011 C.N.Moore

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Added on September 11, 2011
Last Updated on September 11, 2011



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