Without You

Without You

A Poem by Maan

You completed my existence then you went away, and I just got lost like you took away my soul with you.

My life has become a misery
this is what happens to me always,

 no one to blame

cause it’s no one’s fault
and you won’t know that my..

Life is again as it was
undesirable innocence and decency
but nothing is as it should be

there’s just loneliness
no one to talk, no one to share
but it’s all right, I can manage
Without you

I can subsist this life
It’s really hard to bear
but it’s all right, I'm calm now,

I fall when I walk
and there’s no hand to hold
but it’s all right, I’ll stand again
Without you

You took everything away
and left me on my own
but I’ll find something old

I cry and there’re sighs
a fine dripping of blood
but hey! I’m all fine with life
 without you

This all will end
and you won’t even know
because I tell you every time
That I’m happy

© 2012 Maan

Author's Note

I don't know what I intended to write, a complain or some feelings which were getting desperate to come out, I wrote it just the way I feel, the very feelings. May be I've just got so much numb that I'm unable to realise anything, happiness-pain-smile-laughs, everything seems fake. I don't want her back now because I've lost her by telling the truth and I don't want her with a lie. I just know one thing there's no life now, this might sound lame but I don't see anything visible in my life any more. I loved her, I love her but there's something more important for her than my love. But I don't blame her any ways, she is right at her place. She said she loved me too and always will but..

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I love your writing style. Just out of curiosity, a year on, how is this situation? This poem is one of such strength and despair that i fully relate to right now and your written it so beautifully and emotively. It really struck a chord with me and my current situation. So if you don't mind me asking, how relevant are these emotions to your life right now?

Posted 7 Years Ago

They say that poetry is one of the best outlets to get through feelings. To me the poem gives off sorrow and strength. Good write.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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This is such a great poem. It's really emotionally charged. I love it. :)
Sometimes numbness and detachment are more difficult to deal with than actual pain. They just suffocate you with the knowledge that you should be feeling something... The only emotions you can acknowledge are the ones triggered by your own mind, rather than outside events. It's tough, but you have to ride it out. There's no other choice.

"I fall when I walk
and there’s no hand to hold"
These two lines seemed to tumble off the page; they're crushing. So simple, but so poignant and painful.
Fantastically written.

Posted 7 Years Ago

In our misery, we still, tell the other person we are fine, we can get along without them, while our heart is breaking and nothing in life is beautiful, anymore. I don't know if we do this to ourselves because we don't want the other person to feel bad, or pride or our way of trying to heal and go on. Some pride in there I'm sure and so hurt, we can't admit it. Your words express your intent very well.

Posted 7 Years Ago

poem with a poignant touch..."this all will end and you won't even know because i tell you every time that i'm happy without you"...love this:) I could sense the sadness of the author...good write:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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i really felt your sorrow, it seems to me its really a bad breakup. Keep strong.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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So many people come and go in our lives, and this write captures the pain of someone leaving to find themselves, and someone being left behind, heartbreaking for sure, well done. ;)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Good write, life challenges.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Hey!! Good one. A lot real, all reality.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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