Mission completed

Mission completed

A Chapter by Samo

 Chapter 2

Ember Bullard ran. She ran for her life. She had been fasley accused of being a terrorist, and police cars, helicopters, and mysterious always followed her.

Her father. Ember pursed her lips. Her father was the one that was bomding up half the state of NewYork. He had told her to take the blame and he would deal with the all the things that would come after her. So far there wasn't much dealing, only shooting, a lot of shooting.

"D****t." She had tripped over her sandal and cut her knee open. The stinging pain inher knee was nothing compared to the gun shot wound in her right side. She kept on running and came to the end of the alley.

She saw a bright light go through the alley, and she hid in the shadows. She saw the gleam pass right over the tips of her toe. She held her breath, knowing the NB, Night Bot, could sense breathing. Mostly nervous breathing.

Once the Bot gave up she walked silently down the wall of the alley and stepped on something hard. She cured under her breath and looked down to inspect her toe. It was red.

She held her bleeding side and looekd up. There was a man, he glared down at her andsaid something to her, but his voice was very distant.Ember tried opening and closing her eyes, but the black dots were still there.

"Are you alright?"his deep voice asked.

"Yes, i just need- do you know the way to the nearest hospital?" she asked, remembering what her fathe told her before he left if you're shot don't let anyone know, then they'll get suspicous.

"Yes, right down the upcoming road..are you hurt?"

Ember tried her hardest to hold back her painful scream.

"No..thank you." She grunted, and walked towards the hospital.


When Ember arrived at the desk, the receptionist called for help immediatly. She was on the verge of fainting, and when they laid her down on the Hover Table she did.They put her to sleep so she couldn't feel them pulling out the bullet and then stitching up her leg.

She woke up to a bright white light in her eyes. She snapped them shut and sniffed the air. She was in a hospital. It had that minty air of death, and then the stuffy feeling of being alone. She managed to sit up and look around.

She had to admit she was feeling better. There was a glass of water next to her, she reached up to grab it, but a ROboNurse took it and helped her drink.

"Be careful Ember, we don't want you to strain yourself." she spoke in her automated nice-but-im-still-annoyed-voice.

Ember nodded and closed her eyes and thought of another thing her father warned her about.

Don't, tell anybody your real name, switch up your image everyday if you have to. Keep your identity safe.

Her eyes shot open. The nurse called her Ember, which mean she now knew her name, and it was only a matter of time before the people realized she was on the Hit List.

She desperatly grabbed at the IV's and pulled them out, she pulled out the heart monitor and turned around to stand up. She saw her hospitalgown and put it on. It was kinda short, but she didn't have time for modiesty. She imagined she only had 30 seconds now.

She put on the slippers by her bed and opend the door slowly. Before she could step put into the hallway the lights went out. She heard gasp and people cammanding others to calm down.

"EMBER BULLARD!" someone said over the loud speaker. She stopped dead in her pursuit to get to the other end of the hallway. She looked behind her and found a lot of ROboNurses running towards her room, she walked fast, ignoring the slight tug on her knee, and hid in a corner.

"Where is she!?"


Ember didn't wasit a second she made her way to the lobby and found a lot of people on the ground with their heads covered. She kept down and saw a guy with the gun walking in her direction kicking aside people.

Ember got behind another wall. After a few seconds of breathing she peekd aorund and saw he was standing right in front of her. He wasn't facing her.

He had big tanned and toned muscles, and from behind a nice backside. He had thick black hair that gleamed. He looked dangerous.Ember noticed a huge C on his left arm holding thegun. She squinted and started to break out into a sweat.

She whipped aorund. He was Project CRAC. Her father had told her those things were killing machines.

Cal heard a rhymic thumping behind him and smiled slightly. Ember Bullard was standing there half naked, and trying to calm her heart rate.

© 2009 Samo

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