Chapter 1- First Day of New School

Chapter 1- First Day of New School

A Chapter by Kaiko

Jolene, a tough, tomboy type of girl has to go to a new school, again. Will this be a chance to restart, or just the usual routine?


I took a deep breath, and opened the door to my first period class. Immediately, everyone in the room turned to stare at me. It cannot be helped; it was natural for people to be curious. I, not enjoying the attention, immediately glanced down to the floor as quickly as the looked at me.


"Oh yeah, I had almost forgotten. We have a new student starting today. You may sit here," he pointed towards an empty desk, and I swiftly sat down. "We were just discussing the causes that resulted in World War II, so..." and he continued to lecture on about Germany, and Hitler, and all that good stuff. I already knew it all, so I didn't really pay much attention to it.


I instead started to listen to all the whispers around me. I was hoping that they were all talking about their own personal business, but deep down somewhere inside me, I knew they were all judging me right now. In a way, I didn't want to hear, but at the same time, I couldn't bear not hearing. So I began to eavesdrop on them.


"What is she wearing? Just a tank top and pants? That's rather plain," some girl said behind me.

"Yeah, she is a rather plain girl, huh? I wish we would just get a really hot chick for once," said a guy next to her.

"On the contrary, I think she's attractive. And the fact that she didn't do her hair or wear feminine clothes says that she's confident about who she really is, and that's in its own way, pretty sexy," some other guy said near them. Whoa, haven't heard that one yet. I always have guy friends, but not one of them has ever said that I was hot at all.


"Well, Jolene? What do you think?" asked the teacher. He probably asked just for the reason that I wasn't paying attention. At least how teachers treat you was never different, unlike the ever-changing reaction of other peers.


"Wha-What was the question again?" I asked, in my most innocent way as to not get on his bad side.


"It's a simple question: Whyat were some differences between German Nazism and Italian fascism?" he asked, and raised his eyebrows. I got the impression that he thought I didn't know, but I did.


"The Italian fascists never practiced the racism that the Nazis did, their military was never powerful enough to impose the murderous policies all over the continent as the Nazis did, and perhaps more importantly, the Italian population didn't buy the propaganda and brainwash as much as the Germans did," I concluded, and I could tell that my teacher wasn't expecting such a lengthy and detailed answer, considering this was only a CP World History class.


"Uhh, that is correct. I'm glad that one of students could answer that simple question," he said and continued his lectures.


"Damn, she's smart!" whispered the first guy from before.

"Of course she is! Since she's not pretty, she has to be smart to survive," said the girl.

"Well, typically girls who only worry about makeup and hair are pretty stupid," said the nicer guy.

"What? What about me?" asked the girl, worried she was being insulted.

"Need I say more?" he replied coldly. I couldn't help but to smirk. She was the epitome of the reason why I couldn't befriend girls as well as guys.


The bell then rang, and I was glad that for my next class, I didn't have to walk in during the middle of it. As I was packing up my stuff, I felt a tap on my shoulder, and looked around to see a stunningly hot guy. He was tall, tan, muscular, and he had striking green eyes with dark brown hair that swept to the side.


"It's Jolene, right?" he asked, and I nodded. "I'm Ryo. Do you need someone to show you around today?" he asked, and I was simply amazed that he would be so nice. Why would this extremely hot guy want to help me out at all? It just didn't make sense.


I had never had a boyfriend, never had a best girl friend, and almost no social life for 15 years. Maybe, I hope, this will all change starting today.

© 2010 Kaiko

Author's Note

I'm not sure if I'm done with this chapter yet, but I still want your opinion on it so far about the character and the plot(I know there isn't much yet, but still). Also, if there are any grammar errors, punctuation, etc, I would also like it if you could correct me.

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