Ch:1 Pg:3

Ch:1 Pg:3

A Chapter by Sean C Stucki


We didn't know that L had printed out the summoning book written by: Aleister Crowley.
Reader, you'd think to yourself that being a yooper, L wouldn't have dabbed in such things. Wasn't from the mean streets of anywhere. This was more for people that I thought would be from Romania, Lithuania or even regions of Africa but this attraction happened. Having an attraction to the occult & having that mix with poor facial genetics / anti-social behavior included with other factors it caused the perfect storm in the Stevern household. 
Just at that moment when the microphone was turned on, Dynasty "AKA Daniel Stevern" got a call on his cell phone. The number calling was a 20 digit in random succession with an area code he didn't recognize. 
Once L pointed to the floor with his wand the demon came out of the circle summoning ground he painted and shot right across the house into Dan's phone. Now the rapping & singing we've been doing on a continual basis every Friday night was at a stand still. Everything was about to change. 
"What's the digits say?! Who's calling?!" I blurted out while in a drunken state. 
Dan answered the phone...
It was silent at first. We all just looked at each-other and just at that moment we heard screams. The screams of imps, demons, goblins from other dimensions, and souls forever burning in eternal damnation. 
(Story cuts away)
A day before this point I was living a quiet normal life. I don't know if you'd call struggling with alcoholism normal. I was sitting at the lounge where everyone was taking their brakes. Like experimental pack rats they all nibbled on their lunches and said little things to each-other as if someone in the sky was going to electrocute them for being interesting. I was doing this too. Nibbling on the same prepackaged crap from the store which is what I always buy to bring into work. 
I work at a call center where we trouble shoot garage door electric systems.

© 2019 Sean C Stucki

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Added on September 17, 2019
Last Updated on September 17, 2019


Sean C Stucki
Sean C Stucki

Tucson, AZ

Just a poet writing out some short stories more..